Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Is Our Country Really Free?

“Oh the girl is ridiculous….she doesn’t know how to behave properly….”, “He is of another religion... if you will get into his company, you will become like him..”
India’s 70 yrs of independence and yet not free ironically. Independence of the nation has limited itself to the paper. Our constitution talks about equality at various levels but when you lift your eyes, you find nothing. Our country is unable to set itself free from this despite of various efforts made. When we try to seek  the root cause of the problems, what we find is that the problem is in the basic mindset of the people. 
Hindu – Muslim riots still persist. A girl still cannot move freely outside late at night. Giving reservation seats in various organizations and metro is not the solution. Practically, it is not needed as well. In fact, these things create division.
Other major problem that is faced by our country is CORRUPTION which is just a fruit ripened by the tree of unhealthy mindset. Money rules India. It has established itself in the Indian government completely. Its adverse effect can be seen on the education system as well. It is eating away our future. This further adds to the reason for high rate of illiteracy in India.
Our country is yet not free in real sense. Our nation cannot grow and prosper until and unless we as citizens do not understand our duty towards it. There is a need for us to change our basic ideology. We represent the nation and nation represents us. As we celebrate this Independence Day lets  take a pledge together that we as responsible citizens of the country will take initiatives towards welfare of India. As a very first step we should begin the change in ourselves as it is rightly said “BE THE CHANGE YOU  WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” 

-Rini Pandey(2017 IPG-MTECH 072)

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