Sunday, 27 August 2017

Interview of Mr Pranay SIngh, Scientist in Data Analysis at CSIR Lab.

Q.     Sir, tell me something about you?

Ø  My name is Pranay Singh. I was an IPG student (2006-2011). I started my career in teaching at Kota for IITJEE .Initially, I joined Resonance then Aakash and then I spent a few months in FIITJEE. Then I worked in CSIR Lab as a scientist in data analysis. Presently I am pursuing my PhD as after doctorate I can be a faculty anywhere and I would be able teach students. Actually, I want to contribute something for the betterment of education system.

Q.     Sir, how was your college life at IIITM?

Ø  Frankly speaking at our time there was no MDP, no swimming pool, no central library and only one Girls Hostel and a Boys hostel. Also, the campus at our time was not as great as of now. At our time lots of experiments were being done with the education system of the college. Moreover, only IT branch was there at that time.

Q.     Sir, which sport fascinated you most?

Ø  Though I was not very good at sports but in my free time I liked to play Badminton. At times I liked to go to GYM. Also, I was very good in designing and decoration. In my college life I was the head of decoration and designing for the fests like AURORA & UTSAV.I was not a hardcore programmer. I was a 6 pointer only. But after graduation I realized CGPA hardly matters, if you have the core knowledge of your field. But still I would suggest you to take studies seriously as, if you are a good performer then you don’t need any justification.

  Q. Sir how was your experience about Gwalior?
Ø  At our time there were around 98 students. After orientation we explored Gwalior. We first visited Scindia Palace and also Sun Temple but we were not able to visit the Fort. I had lots of new experiences in my first year as I was away from home for the first time and it took me a while to adapt to the atmosphere here.

Q. Sir any advice or any experience you need to share with the students of        IIITM?
Ø  Here in IIITM you can compete with the other good institutions of our country because IIITM’s infrastructure and quality of faculty is quite well and as the bright minds come here so you will have great competitive environment here as well. And my advice to all of you is to attend your classes seriously and make sure not to get distracted and then I am sure you all will do wonders. And focus on studies. And at last I would just say:
                                             “Get into the journey of IIITM”.


Reporters: Trushita Agarwal and TSM Pragnya
Photographer: NSM Nishidha


  1. Good, but modify Scientist. Mr. Pranay is CSIR-JRF (Engineering Sciences) as Research Fellow in Informatics & Informetrics.