Saturday, 31 March 2018


A virtual world with a very real money making data trail users of social media platforms unaware of how profitable the information they have is for those who are willing to access it.
 The recent scandal involving Facebook, a powerhouse and a corporate giant for years now, which brought turmoil all across the globe may make many of us reconsider that such data breach can take place in any of the tech giants and our data that has been put onto the internet can be compromised. Here in case of Facebook, a data mining firm named Cambridge Analytica has been accused of misusing the data of millions of users.A whistleblower who worked at the British firm says the information was used to build a system which may have influenced the voters in the U.S presidential elections as well as other votes and how the company even had dealings with Russian interests.For some politicians, the advantages of using the information harvested from the social media can be used as a lure to try and get into the minds of the potential voters.Millions of Facebook users’ data was reportedly gathered by a university professor using a personality testing app named ‘This is your digital life’ while users gave their permission for information to be used by him and not only the users who used this app data was collected but even from their whole friends' network.It's alleged the data was then sold to a third party Cambridge Analytica in violation of Facebook's own policies but Cambridge Analytica denies doing anything wrong says it deleted all the records when it discovered how the data had been obtained from Facebook.
Facebook also denied that the data transfer was a breach. In addition, a spokesperson said “Protecting people’s information is the heart of everything we do and we require the same from people who operate apps from Facebook.And if reports are true then suitable actions will be taken against the accused”.Facebook also hired auditors to make sure the data has been destroyed, as Cambridge Analytica promised.
But as of the consequences, the Facebook share price fell almost 7 percent wiping nearly 40 billion dollars off its value. The company's chief of security Alex Thomas is reported to leave because of internal disagreements.The U.K Government sent a letter to Zuckerberg to give an accurate account of this catastrophic failure of process.The Federal Trade confirms it is investigating Facebook.Now, Zuckerberg will testify before Congress to answer questions about how the data of 50 million users fell into the hands of Cambridge Analytica and how will it better safeguard users privacy in future.

Saket Saumya
2017 IMT-075

Sunday, 18 March 2018

An interview with Gaurav Jain, Managing director, ColdEx Logistics


Q.1 How do you feel to be the part of Aurora 2k18?
Ans. I have been here for a long time. I did some portion of study here. It is good to be come back. I was pre-nostalgic when I walked inside the gate. Lot of things were same while I saw development in terms of infrastructure. I am really excited to be here.

Q.2 What are the changes that you observed in the college when you studied here and when we are studying here?
Ans. One thing that is very captivating about the institute is that it has a very large campus. As I walked in I saw a lot of buildings that have come up, that is why I was asking for the strength of the institute. All in all it is good and essential to have large campus and buildings as a new branch has also been introduced and many people from outside the city may also stay here.  I personally in love with the greenery that used to be.

Q.3 Starting from the Swastik road lines to COLDEX  what difficulties and experiences  have you faced ?
Ans. It has been a great journey. I am a Scindia school pass out and it has been a good exposure in terms of my life. The product itself is the driver for what we do so we don’t position ourselves as the GDP drivers, we are enablers to everything that would transact as according to the things that are in the country, a lot of inefficiency lies in the side of supply chain. Backends of all companies have remained inefficient through a period of time. So we don’t go only for new businesses to come in but also for making the back-ends efficient. We are replacing from incumbents in to something that is more solution driven. We create solutions that would enable the back-ends to be efficient. We go to the clients and take over their back-ends. This is also beneficial for our customers. And in this way we are able to drive the matter efficiently.

Q.4 Sir, you have very interesting point of view about your past, present and the future, would you like to share something with us?
Ans. Yeah, that is the maturity of the thoughts that comes when you are assign or align to the consumers who are there. Many ideas that evolve around. So we have customer centric approach. So whatever we built out was built to suit, built out solutions, we never built out infrastructure or assets. First time in 1996, we built out a very special equipment. That’s how we have been progressive in terms of our thought process that if you really want your customer to stick with you trust you then you have to think from his side. And thus those are the insights that come by interacting with them. So the journey of past, present and future was somewhere in between all those things.

Q.5 Sir you have a concept of 10 years ,5 years i.e. the three stages of company. Please elaborate a bit .
Ans. So I think first year is a grind to be evolving and trying to innovate . There are legs which are called the trucks the moving parts of the body then there’s belly where the goods are stored and then there is intelligence. Though in very first year we went national across 65 cities close to 1000 refer trucks. Then came the stage when we were on the middle part of body and trying to evolve into a solution centric term, so this where we stand today. We today outsource to every major firm from Mc Donald’s to Burger King. Anybody who comes to the market we are the back-end to them. Today we are trying B to C type that is trying to reach out to customer directly.

Q.6 What advice would you like to give to the young evolving start ups?
Ans. Idea is the opportunity waiting to happen, it could very drastic or very basic. What we were doing was drastic so observed that and corrected it. While I was hearing in pinnacle it was both technology and basic idea. In such a diverse country there is an opportunity everywhere we just need to sense it and believe in it.

Reported by:
Siddharth Jain
 Manvi Gupta


‘DREAMS’- a word which plays an important role in everybody’s life, say, whether it is a dream of life; an aspiration, or the dream we see while sleeping. But here, we are concerned about the dreams we see when we are unconscious.
By turns, dreams have been deemed prophecies of the future, full of meaning; or the affluence of nerve cells randomly unwinding from a busy day.

Each night, we pass through a series of stages of sleep, each of which is a distinctive pattern of brain waves. Sigmund Freud, one of the first people to discuss the purpose of dreaming, suggested that dreams reflect people’s unconscious thoughts and desires. He thought that our unexpressed desires and wishes show up in our dreams.

Another approach to understanding dreaming is to examine if people’s dreams are related to the things that actually happen in their everyday life. In fact, studies show that - contrary to the belief that dreams are mostly bizarre and unrealistic – most dreams involve real-life situation.
Sometimes, dreams do contain some pretty strange material, and these all are due to the metaphorical life we have, metaphors of which, creep into our dreams as well. Consequently, these metaphors generate bizarre images, because while dreaming, we interpret them literally.

Moving towards bad dreams, like nightmares, it’s not clear that using wakening, because of such dreams, as an index of the severity of a dream is agreeable. Because bad dreams that do not wake people up can sometimes be more intense than nightmares.

Overall, the truth is, as long as the brain remains such a mystery, we probably won’t be able to pinpoint the main reason behind dreams.

Anshita Sharma

Tuesday, 27 February 2018



 Q1:What challenges did you face while implementing GRP help app?
Ans: Basically I conceived it holistically as a big realistic project with all kind of nut and bolts. So we came up with QIRP(Quick investigation response team) . As a project Government has provided all kind of resources like laptop including digital wireless system, also government has sanctioned 32 professionals for state monitoring. Earlier we operated from Bhopal but almost six months ago I realized that due to linguistic diversity there are many problems in communication across the country. Now it is operated from state control room of all states. It has two gateways one is Internet and other is SMS gateway.We personally see to work done by state by sitting in Bhopal and hence building a database and many more things like intelligent criminal database is being build up.
Q2: How can we IT professionals make a change in railway systems in India?
Ans: It’s not only about railways but steps must be taken towards a crime free India. So for Students like you we have created small  projects which can be done within a month so that police is not much burdened. There is information but we will not check this until there is a court case.

Q3: What qualities do you expect from IPS officer?
Ans: The prime focus should be nation and not government because governments change but country does not. We feel that we need an IPS with great guts and efforts and commitments who is willing to take risk. Talking about freedom fighters, they lost everything but here do we have anything to loose, how much selfish are we.

Q4: What led you propose the increment in retirement age from 41 to 50 years?

Ans: Probably the government was kept in dark therefore we didn’t get the proper response. It was I who created it. It was from 41 to 50 for new ones and upto 60 for old ones.

Reported by:
  Siddharth Jain and Saksham Arjani

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Budget 2018

The Union Budget speech at 11am on February 1 could be the final salvo of Narendra Modi government's economic firepower which has been on display the past three and half years. The current NDA government has ushered in several economic reforms, of which, two stand out as the boldest and most contentious. Demonetisation & GST have changed forever the way business is conducted in India.
The biggest challenge facing Arun Jaitley and co. is to pole-vault, the economy across upsetting fiscal deficit calculations and somewhere along the way ensuring that the electorate in the politically crucial states of MP, Rajasthan and Karnataka do not swing to the opposition ahead of elections this year. As seen in Gujrat, anti-BJP forces have already managed to sway the political narrative, portraying BJP as a party which has neither been able to create jobs nor bring prosperity to farmers. This is the core audience which the Finance Minister needs to address in this budget. Sectors like infrastructure are woefully behind target because of issues ranging from land acquisition to funding to red-tapism. Any acceleration in this sector will create jobs right from unskilled workers to the skilled labour force and even for IIT and IIM educated managers.
This is Narendra Modi's last full Budget as Prime minister before the nation goes to polls next summer. This is his last chance to give the electorate the 'acche din' they were promised 4 years ago. And, this is the last chance for the government to repay the middle class which silently stood in bank queues last year to support their Prime Minister, before they stand in queues again as voters a year from now.
Buy Sun Pharma at a strike price of 600
600 CALL available at - 24
Target : 44 , stop loss : 15
Rs. 26,400 to be invested
Maximum reward : Rs. 22,000
Maximum loss : Rs. 9000
More allocation to health sector expected in Budget 2018.
Relief from USFDA on Halol plant expected; inspection due in February.
Revision in corporate tax in Budget 2018. If happens , will improve earnings generic market is being expanded.
Regulatory concerns in US are being resolved.
  • No changes in personal income tax slabs.
  • Salaried tax prayers to get a standard deduction of RS. 40,000 in line of transport allowance and other medical expenses.
  • Rs. 2,000 crores fund for develpoment of agri market.
  • All senior citizens will now be able to claim the benefit of a deduction of Rs. 50,000 for any medical insurance.
  • For critical illness, the deduction has been increased to Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Free power connections to 4 crore homes under Saubhagya Yojana.
  • Eight Crore free gas connections for poor women through UJJWALA YOJANA.
  • Govt. to implement minimum support price for all crops; it is hiked to 1.5 times of production costs.
  • Govt. to contribute 12% of wages of new employees for all sectors.
  • New flagship National Health Protection Scheme, providing a health insurance cover of Rs.5 Lakhs per family per year announced.
  • Railway capesc for 2018-2019 set at Rs. 1.48 Lakhs crores.
  • Disinvestment target for this year set at Rs. 80,000 crores.
      Ankur Chaubey

Sunday, 31 December 2017

The air is redolent with it,
the hope of a new beginning,
starting afresh perhaps,
to right the past wrongs,
a trigger which rouses us
to make resolutions anew,
or sometimes dust off the old ones
and reclaim them in vain daydreams.

A portal to pristine experiences,
Running amok towards the unknown,
Past misfortunes may drag us down,
but the new is the key,
the ink of change,
to refine our manuscripts,
We are the progeny of our past,
seeking salvation in the novel.

“Tomorrow,is the first blank page of a 365 page book.Write a good one”

Ritika Agarwal

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

An Interview with the dance team of Sri Lanka at Udbhav International Dance Festival

Q1. How was your stay in Gwalior?
Ans. In Gwalior, we didn’t thought that we will get so much of cooperation. The cooperation, friendliness that we get here was very nice. After coming to Gwalior, wherever we travelled the coordinators were always with us. We didn’t feel alone. In Gwalior, while travelling we saw Indian culture, Indian specialities, today we also visited the “Maharaja’s Palace”, those things were awesome.
Q2. What did you like most in our institute?
Ans. We liked the cooperation and encouragement that we are getting from the institute. So muchof crowd was there, they were cheering us while we were performing that was really nice.
Q3. What are you expecting from your performance?
Ans.  We want to show the culture of Sri Lanka to other countries through our dance and traditional dance of Sri Lanka. We like Indian culture and we like bharatnatyam form of dance, we also have bharatnatyam dance teachers in Sri Lanka. In a similar way,we want to spread our culture throughout the world.
Q4. How long have you been in this dance career?
Ans. I am doing this since childhood. Infact, all the members of our team are dancing this since childhood so we are very passionate about this.
Q5. How many places have you visited for your performance?
Ans. We have visited many places. We always have dance programs in many places in Sri Lanka and other countries also. This time we came to India and we are proud of that.

Interviewed and edited by:

Manvi Gupta and Saksham Arjani


Prajwal Singh