Thursday 21 January 2016


QUESTION:  What is your definition of quality & for how long have you been in quality circle of India?

MR. K. AJEETH:  From the beginning of my career, my first priority was to ensure quality in the products my company makes. Quality is when you provide value for money to the customers & as in Dulux, we provide people the same. There are absolutely no compromises made on the health of our customers. I have been in quality circle for a long time. It’s a simple market rule, either you provide quality to the customers or the competence in market will kill you.

QUESTION:  How does your company ensure that production by workers yields the optimum quality required?

MR. K. AJEETH:  Quality is not only checked at the final stage but also at raw material stage via intermediate stages to the final product. This principle ensures high quality in our products. Also there are various 7QC tools used in ensuring quality. Workers are made to interact with the market customers and their response acts both as applaud and motivation to them.

QUESTION:  Various rival companies put their profit above the health of their customer, what are your views regarding this?

MR. K. AJEETH:  This is a very wrong practise. They should not do like this. They are using lead products which are very harmful to health & cause various skin and lung problems. We at AkzoNobel, believe in “SAFETY FIRST”. Our products never compromise on health of customers even though the product may become costlier.

QUESTION:  What are the main objectives of conducting seminars by Quality Circle of India?

MR. K. AJEETH:  These seminars are interactive sessions in which representatives of different companies take part. Teachers & students from both colleges & schools take part in such seminars. These seminars help in creating awareness about quality among people. They also help in execution of new ideas & peer to peer learning. Companies learn from other companies, teachers & students.

QUESTION:  What is the current position of ‘Dulux’, one of your main products into the global market & new programs planned by your company in that aspect?

MR. K. AJEETH:  AkzoNobel currently operates in 84 countries across globe. Dulux has become the role model for quality. We believe in sustainable development. We are very passionate & particular about it. Each step from production to marketing are well governed & managed.

REPORTERS:  Thank you sir for your precious time. Have a nice day.
MR. K. AJEETH:  You’re welcome. You too have a nice day.