Sunday, 27 August 2017

Interview of Mr Gaurav Yadav, alumni of IIITM Gwalior.

Q. Sir, can you please tell us something about yourself?

A. First of all, I think I should introduce myself, I am Gaurav, an IPG 2008-13 batch pass-out. When I joined this institute I can say I was dumb because you guys are looking so smart that if I compare myself back then with you, I will give myself 4 marks and you 7 out of 10. In the first year, I was not that open that I could have taken someone's interview.I didn't have that much courage. I was a localite so I was not staying in the hostel. I used to attend classes and then go home by bike. After some time I realized that these things are not that hectic and everyone has to go through it. It is actually beneficial, You get to know different kinds of people and personalities. Because of this, you would be able to face interviews easily and do things in a systematic manner. Here in the institute, you will get a lot of time, four or five classes would be there in the day that may get canceled sometimes and you would be free at night and on saturdays and sundays. You can give all this time for your complete development. Just focus on your skill development because ultimately that's the thing that pays you. Try to keep your CGPA above 7.5 and then it won't be an issue because it's just a starting point criteria and nothing else. After that just try to develop your skills so that no one can deny that you have potential. 

Q. How did you manage to develop your personality over the period of five years?

A. In the first and second year, I worked a lot on my personality. When I came to this institute I was afraid to talk to people and if someone asked me questions I would stammer because I had fear in my mind. To overcome this fear I thought to myself that the person in front of me is just a normal person, He is not some dracula or vampire who will eat you up. He may have some perception, there is a possibility that for him I may be hundred percent right or hundred percent wrong, but it won't matter to me, I am in front of that person, whether he likes me or not it doesn't matter at all.

Q. Any memorable moments that you had with your friends in this institute?

A. At the initial time I invested a lot of time on my development, so I didn't invest any time on cafeteria or canteen. Back then SH 211 was not there and there were only two classrooms. Classes used to get canceled a lot because of insufficient seats. We had to coop up by ourselves. In tests questions come only from what the teacher teaches, its the main beauty of autonomous institutes. If the teacher teaches four pages, questions have to come from that only and rest you can clear somehow. Initial two years I invested on my development only. Back then the main gate was also open, if you go out at 2 A.M nobody will ask you where you are going and also you didn't need to make any entry in any register. If you had a two wheeler you could come in and go out anytime, there were no restrictions at all. Girls were allowed to go out till 10 P.M. For boys there was no restrictions at all. We used to go out at 1 A.M and spend two hours at a dhaba. The most memorable moments were the night walks with friends. A lot of knowledge interchange was there because there were people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Q. How did you manage to interact with your seniors?

A. I think you will initially have the system that first years are made to reside in separate hostels, for girls only single hostel is there. At that time interactions happened usually during night, not formally but informally.

Q.Do you believe that those interactions helped your personality development?

A.Frankly speaking, I didn't get involved in such kind of interactions much. Personally I don't think that those interactions help you develop your interpersonal skills or something, of course you will get some positive things and added values but for that points how much you are paying in terms of various things I don't know so I can not comment on that. In my opinion if you can do things on your own that's the best.

Q. Sir could you give us a last message before you leave so that we could share it with our peers especially about learning C language?

A. C language is the basic, the main logic for many programs is built using that only. If you want to build any system logically you have to use C at the backend. You have to mug up some things like loops because in all languages the same things will come again and again so if you learn it once and master it, you will be able to learn any language whether it's Java, C++ or something else. Just the Syntax will differ a little. I am saying this because I don't want you to repeat the same mistakes that we did i.e wasting our time. I am not saying don't go out or don't hangout, this is the part of the life you enjoy the most and the moments will be memorable for lifetime so enjoy it but for professional part plan it, at least give two hours searching study related things on internet. Internet speed is too good, when you go out from here you will realize that you have to pay a lot to get that much speed. You have a lot of resources so utilize it, because if you gain knowledge that never goes to waste. So be knowledgeable that's the final message.


Reporters: Akansha Tiwari and Rucha Pallewar
Photographer: MNS NIshidha

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