Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Interview of Mr RK Guha,prof. at SLIET, alumni of IIT Kanpur.

Q. What you think we can do for India's development?

 A. India can develop only if we stop thinking about myself and uplift our mindset beyond the thresholds of it. Take an example of a house, house can be a beautiful place to live in only if each and every member think and work for it's maintenance.Similarly , India has a great diversity where people from different religion and culture reside all together. All these people need to come together and work for India's all round development.

Q. What inspired you to become a teacher?

A. My teacher, he inspired me to become a teacher. When I was in my BSc. class, our teacher taught us very well but he had a problem in his throat and couldn't speak loud. So for me, it was a troublesome time to always grab the first seat from among a classroom of 50 students. That day, I promised myself that I would become a teacher like him and ensure that my voice is loud enough for the last bencher to hear it too.I never indulged myself in becoming a bank official or IAS officer. I did my BSc. ,MSc. and PhD just to become a lecturer. My aim was that each and every student, when they leave the institute, they must say that yes, we had an amazing mathematics teacher.

Q. Sir, what kind of students do you like?

 A. Eventually I like those students who points out my mistakes. That means the student is learning      something who can point out a teacher's mistake. I got this thing from Mr Chandra Vidyasagar and follow the same aspect in my life too.

Q. Sir,Tell us something about your operational research?

 A. Presently I am not working on it but let me explain you what it is. Operational research is nothing but just a route to minimise the loss and maximise the profit. It is a mean to optimise the consumption of resources with output being maximum. It is the best way by which we can minimise the efforts to get maximum output.

 Q. Sir, any words you would like to quote for our institute?

A. I'm familiar with this institute. I've been here for five times and it is one of my favourite institute. It is an honour for me to be a part of Independence Day celebration in the institute.


Reporters: Trushita Agarwal and T.S.M Pragnya
Photographer: Ruchika Agarwal

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