Thursday 29 September 2016


 It was a very nice experience to interview the HR of one of the most reputed companies i.e, SUTRA ANALYTICS. All in all, he was a very nice, down to earth person. Following is an excerpt of the interview:

Q: Sir, how was your day at our institute?
A: Buddy, it was a hectic day but very enjoyable.

Q: What do you like the most about our college?
A: Sports complex, but if you talk about mam(his colleague) she liked the lightening on the road and greenery in the campus.

Q: What’s the unique thing in our campus?
A: Actually, it was the butterfly conservatory which was very unique concept of your college. We went there, it was a nice area but there were a lot of spiders( laughing) , still butterflies were there.

Q: How is the coding culture of our institute?
A: Coding culture, it is fine buddy. Students are very hard working, I personally like the quality of the students. When I go to different colleges, it's rare to find this kind of quality.

Q: Sir, we have a unique concept of 5 years integrated post graduation course( B tech + M tech/ MBA). Do you feel any difference among the students of this programme as compared to the students of B.Tech only?
A: Not so much my friend, I don’t focus on the performance of B .Tech or M. Tech and compare them. I only look that how a student completes his/her work in an efficient manner and time. I only judge efficiency.

Q: What's the tagline that you would  like to give to our institute?

Thank you sir for your precious time, it was nice meeting you.


REPORTED BY: Riya Khandelwal
                              Daksh Berry