Tuesday 30 August 2016


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Its  been  over  2500  years since the first Olympics started in  Greece. But first Modern Olympics were  held  in  1896  and  are  continued  ever since. These Olympic Games have  encouraged the sportsmanship, competitiveness and help in unifying the world. These games are held once in every four years around the world.  2016 was one such year in which the games were held in Rio, Brazil. Sportsmen from all around the world represented their country and participated with great enthusiasm.
There are total 28 sports in Olympics which include:
  •    Aquatics (including swimming, diving and synchronized swimming, water polo)
  •    Archery
  •   Badminton
  •    Basketball
  •   Boxing
  •   Canoe/Kay
  •    Cycling- including Track, Road, Mountain biking, BMX)
  •     Equestrian
  •     Fenci
  •   Football (soccer)
  •    Golf
  •    Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampolining)
  •     Handball
  •     Hockey
  •     Judo
  •     Modern Pentathlon
  •    Rowling
  •     Rugby 7s
  •   Sailing
  •    Shooting
  •    Table tennis
  •   Taekwondo
  •     Tennis
  •    Track and field
  •     Triathlon
  •     Volleyball- indoor and beach volleyball
  •     Weightlifting
  •     Wrestling (Greco-Roman and Freestyle)

With all these sports this year top five countries winning maximum number of medals are;
1.       USA
2.       Great Britain
3.       China
4.       Russia
5.       Germany
Where USA earned total 121 medals which includes 46 Gold, 37 Silver and 38 Bronze medals!
Apart from all these achievements what matters is participation, team work, sportsmanship and not losing hope. The sportsmen showed great enthusiasm as well as the crowd. They together represented their culture and unity.
That’s what makes Olympics “THE OLYMPICS”!
And when it comes to unity and culture there comes India. Winning 2 medals, one Silver and 1 Bronze, we proved others to be a great competitor. Although we won just two but the efforts made by the sportsmen over there were appreciable. But not forgetting PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar, the three of them made every Indian to say proudly that “yes! We are Indians!”

Won silver moreover won everyone’s heart: P V Sindhu

P V Sindhu’s match against Spain’s Carolina Marin at Badminton Singles FINALS in Rio Olympics will go down in history. After putting a brilliant fight, the 21 years old Indian lost 21-19, 12-21, 15-21 in a nerve wracking final. Though she has to settle for a silver, it was nothing less than a gold in the hearts of her countrymen. She has already created history by becoming the first indian woman to fight at  the Women’s Single Final in Olympics.

India’s First Female Wrestler to win an Olympic Medal

At the Olympics Sakshi Malik won her round of 32 bout against Sweden and round of 16 bout against Moldova. After losing to eventual finalist, she qualified for repechage round where she defeated Mongolia in her first bout. She won Bronze medal after a 8-5 victory over the Asian champion of Kyrgyzstan. And thus we got over wrestler with a Bronze medal.

First Female Gymnast to qualify for the Final Vault

On 10th Aug,2016 at the 2016 Olympic Test events, Dipa Karmakar became the first female Gymnast to qualify for the Final Vault event at the Olympics with a score of 14.833. She narrowly missed out in Bronze medal, finishing fourth in the final. Karmakar is the only fifth woman to land the Produnova  vault, or the handsprint double front. The Produnova is an artistic gymnastics vault consisting of a front handsprint onto the vaulting horse  and two somersaults off.
And that’s all what we feel proud of. Moreover all the sportsmen who qualified for Olympics, everyone make us feel proud.

Written by :- Oshin Malviya

Saturday 27 August 2016

             INTERVIEW  WITH  MR. LUCKY  SUMAN        

Q.Sir how was your experience in the college till now?
A. It has been great…wonderful.The best experience was to get involved in SGM ie. Student Gyan Movement. When I  came in first year,I got to know that  SGM was first started by  M.Tech students and they were only a part of it .So,I was the one who insisted IPG students to also be a part of it.So I  started teaching the students in the second year itself.What I faced at home was that we all have qualities but our family tends to suppress them,be it dancing or be it singing and insist more on studying..The same was with the children here .Their parents  used to tell them that study and study,don’t indulge in any other activity.So when I saw them,I thought that if they are good at studies,they can excel in other fields also.So SGM taught them  how to dance and take part in other activities.This continued and now the situation is that IPG, M.Tech, MBA ,P.Hd, the whole college and all the faculty members have become a part of  our SGM family.

Q. What inspired you to come out of the academics and join Student Gyan Movement?
A .My life situations became my inspirations.I mean when I was in school,in tenth standard,my family also persuaded me to give up dancing and only study.So this passion of dancing remained buried somewhere deep inside me.So I thought that no matter if I was not able to do it,if I was not provided with a proper platform,at least I can provide a path for others like me to walk on.That was my only  inspiration.In fact,not only me,anyone who comes to volunteer in SGM has one or the other  story of inspiration behind it.

Q .Sir how was the programme today?
A. I enjoyed the programme very much.It was very good.Students of SGM also took part in it.So it was nice seeing the young talent.

Q . How is Gwalior different from your hometown?
A .Gwalior is good but my  native place is better  primarily, because of the backward society here.People here think that studying is not meant for girls.According to them, after completing senior school, if they go to college, then they will be spoiled ,so better  get them  married .Even when I was in second year, one of my  students  in SGM , who had just completed her  twelfth standard  ,was forced  to get married .I felt like crying seeing such a  mentality. How could they even think of that? She had just turned 18.So these sort of things are very common with the society here.People do not want girls to move forward and prosper more than boys.They want girls to handle household chores only.

Q. Sir in what direction are you working to eradicate this backwardness?
A . We go and talk to their parents  and insist them to send their children to study,ensuring  them  all round development of their ward.Not only they send their  children to study but also  help us to spread this message to more and more children and their  parents. SGM started with a strength of 50 children studying in first to twelfth standard.And today 130 students are a part of SGM family.Its not only my pleasure,but  of everyone who  volunteers to teach these children.

Q .Sir what tagline would you like to give to our institute?Any message for  the students ?
A .For the students: Show Your Talent and show your presence.And I believe that this institute provides a very good platform to nurture your talents.

                             ANJALI JAIN


Thursday 25 August 2016

Interview with Mr Sunil Goel(Member of Paytm selection panel)

Q.How was your day today?
A.The day was great.I think it has been great interacting with all..It was a great experience coming here in terms of interacting with both the students and the faculty.I am looking forward to the years to come.

Q.Sir how was your interaction with the students and what are the improvements that can be made?
A.I think overall students have been  doing  a good job .That is why we have assigned good positions.They have been doing a lot of projects and are involved with the industry,be it a part of internship or their B.Tech projects.So I think the way knowledge is being imparted to the students is great as it is made a part of the curriculum.

Q.What are your experiences working in paytm?
A.I have been working with paytm from the last two years and it has been great.I always say Paytm is hundred startups within one startup.We have been growing both in terms of business as well as technology.There is this freedom associated with the engineers that you can go ahead and solve the problems of the common man and paytm is one company which is trying to solve problems from the very  primary level.

Q.In  what ways do you think technology is going to change India in the next few years?
A.We have to basically improve the common man in India.Today for example if we go to one tier villages the people there cannot even open their own bank accounts,as simple as that.This process seems to be so complex for them and I think Paytm is one company which has the vision that each and every person of india is a part of national economy.Paytm is doing a great job and in the next few years it will be serving five hundred million users and has already  covered a large part of India.

Q. Sir what are your views about Digital India?
A.That is a pretty good initiative by the government. It was a much awaited venture and if we go back to the common person there are a lot of people today who only need basic services,which can be provided to them with just the click of a button.These kind of ventures complement the Indian economy.It helps India moves one step further.

Q.Sir what are the qualities that you look for,in the candidates at the time of recruitment?
A.I would not say one thing but a few things together are to be taken care of.One of the things,besides speed and vigilance,is primarily aptitude.It means how much ‘self-initiative’ attitude a candidate has.People join Paytm.They have to take full ownership of things from Day 1.How much things they can do or what have they done by taking their own self initiative means a lot. We not only ask questions related to algorithms but we also ask questions how to code just to make sure that the knowledge they read or they learn in their curriculum is a lot more practical in nature and they can actually implement.

Q.Would you like to share any new concepts paytm is trying to introduce in the market?
A.One of the things that we are trying  is the payment bank.We came from recharges four five years back then we started Wallet two years back at marketplace and the next big thing that is on the agenda of paytm is the bank.It directs towards the same goal of financial equilibrium.We try to bring more people into this system.People will have a totally different banking experience.The team is working there.

Q.As our institute combines the study of IT and management,so how do you think this combination can be unique?
A.I think its pretty good.It has been always my perception that technology and business go hand in hand.Lets take an example.We have a lot of stress on startups right and people who really want to win that world need to understand not just technology, they also need to understand business challenges.Unless they don’t understand that,they would not be very successful.So at the end of the day you need to see how to use technology to solve a real need and make a business out of it.So this blend of IT and management is really a good combination and I think that people can really make good advantage by mixing all this with what exists in the real world.A lot of this knowledge is driven by books and curriculum.So once we go into the reality,we can actually see what really works and what does not.And if people can successfully combine that knowlwdge with lot of technical stuff that happens in the industry and the economy,we can really prosper then.

Q.Sir as a student of first year from where should we start and which computer language should be preferred to be opted for?
A.As far as anguage is concerned,I think it does not matter in today’s world.My perspective is you can choose any language as it is not a barrier.C++,Java,Python or any other programming language would work.At the end,your programming skills matter and they can be built up in any language.The question is if you can start from small things and be able to build research projects,which are long term initiatives and be able to convert them into large scale projects.So students can start with smaller ideas and with a period of time,with the collaboration of the institute and the faculty,they build stronger ideas,which will be an advantage both for the institute and the students.

Q.How do you manage yourself in difficult situation and what is your success mantra?
A.Moments come and go. Nothing is static.We always feel that we are in a worse situation but actually those would be very small. See today if I am having any problem I should not take it in a negative way because at the same moment,there will be hundreds of people suffering more than me.We need to keep a different perspective towards problems. Then slowly and gradually we would calm down and tackle the situation.Then we get strength to focus on our work.I believe on persistence.If you believe in something,always persist for it.Success does not come to you overnight.If you ask any successful entrepreneur,in the first few years he was not even recognised.So persistence for longer duration helps a lot.

Q.What message would you like to give to india youth?
A.When I was in my college fifteen years back at that time India was very different and today with the economy opening up,there are more and more opportunities.The Indian youth has the capability to make right choices.They are not less than anyone else in this world.India can establish a lot.

Q.Sir please share something about you career and field.
A.I graduated from IIT Delhi in 2002 with a dual degree course.After that I spent my first three years in Austria.It was primarily a research company.Somewhere in 2005,my startup worked.I left my job.In 2011 we sold our company to a US company.Two years later,I came back to India.I was always more of an India person.And then we started another company which focussed on e-commerce.It ran for almost one and a half year and then that company got acquired by Paytm.

Q.What tagline would you like to give to our institute?

A.As an institute you are doing a great work.We need more such institutes.We have really good students.When I see resume of students,I am literally surprised as in my time,there were no such competitions like coding competitions and now you see resumes,they have their names in top 100 in India or top 50 or top 10 showing their techtalent.You need to be a really good engineer at the core of it and that is what is really coming out.



Tuesday 23 August 2016

        (Current Director,Entrepreneurship programme at Ashoka University.Founder of peopleDynamic,
         Indiapreneurship and also founder trustee of Foundation of Business Competitiveness.)

Q.1 How did you like performance put forth by our institute ?

A.1 Very Good programme, including lot of varieties of dance, song, art-exhibition that was displayed. Students had lot of opportunities to show case their talent, including fine arts. I think you all are a bunch of wonderfully talented kids. This helps in developing life-skills.

Q.2 We are celebrating the 70th year of our independence. So what are your views about the country and what’s your vision of India after 10 years?
 A.2 We are integrating India into a global eco-system and global economy. We have been successful in many catch-ups in the recent couple of years. First of all their has been immense change in the mindset of the people. We have made many policies related to cultural and social aspects which need to be implemented in the coming years. Students are creating more of entrepreneurs and ventures to include the local market. We have to focus on creativity and critical thinking to make policies and more importantly to implement and enhance more of local market in global economy.

Q.3 You have been an HR advisor for IBM and Now you are currently working with Indiapreneur ? So, how is entrepreneurship is different from working under a firm?

A.3 So, entrepreneurship is a expression of being passionate about an idea or a cause. Taking it to a level where that idea or thought process becomes innovation which is something people are willing to pay price for. Compare this to working under a firm. In second thought process, you are a part of the journey of that person or firm.Both are equally acceptable in running your ways, career and making money. This world has many successful entrepreneurs, failed entrepreneurs, useless entrepreneurs and also many successful people in the corporate world as well. There is a new concept of intra-preneurs where you can be an entrepreneur within an organisation to contribute in a meaningful way.

Q.4You have been working with the united health organisation. How does it provide health assistance to local community?
A.4 I was a client of united health organisation long back and they are the largest insurance company in the world. So hence forth we have provided medical assistance.

Q.5 The education system of USA and Australia they give grades to the extra-curricular activities. If a person is good in sports and music he is also benefited in academics. You have been a scuba diver I guess, a golfer and have learnt classical music as well.  So at your personal level do you think education system be transformed to benefit the students who are good at extra-curricular activities?
A.5 I love the research work you have done. Absolutely yes, that’s what we talk about, Sir talked about how much essential these activities are to develop life skills in oneself. I think our community is little over-obsessed. That’s something which is gradually changing over a period of time. The university systems are also changing. You know we always are very harsh on systems. But colleges like Delhi University, they do give admission on the basis of extra-curricular. But we need to do more of it.
                   You have to figure out what you will be known for. If its IT then you have to be best in IT, if in sports then you have to be best in sports. You can do 100 things out of your interest but you have to ankle yourself into something you want to be primarily known for, which means 51% of your time should be on that.

Q.6 Sir, Give us a tagline?
A.6  One of the tagline is do what you love and love what you to. Just follow your passion as you will be known for it.

Interview Credits-
Reporters-Risabh Patel & Vishakha Gupta
Photographer-Ankit Sharma


Saturday 20 August 2016

What Liberty Means To Me

                                                                                                           By- Deepak Kumar
                                                                                                Edited By- Gunjan Tripathi

  The simple meaning of liberty is that everyone has the right to freedom and justice. Freedom as in ,that none can compel you to work for free, and justice as in,that the state has the responsibility to bring those trespass against you to trails by jury of peers.

  So, basically it means you are a free person, and no one has the right to harm you.

  We got freedom in 1947. And now we have entered in 70th year of independent India. But we are still  fighting and discussing about liberty. We are still unsatisfied with the system.

  Now the question arises, why are we unsatisfied? What type of liberty do we want?

  We all have to find the answers now. We will have to judge ourselves about the liberty we want.

  And for me liberty is to smile, to give chance to every citizen to smile.

  Yes, you heard me right. I don’t want to be an emperor. I don’t have any plan to conquer anyone. But instead my aim is to help everyone, if possible. No matter who he is. Black or white, Hindu or Muslim . No matter which caste he belongs to , no matter whether he is a man or a woman. The only thing that matters to me is that the person is a human.

  And to be honest my friends, its not only me. All of you, who are reading this, and the whole people of the world want the same. We all want to help each other,we all want to bring smile on each others face, we all want to make this earth a happy place.

  Then, where is the problem? Why are we unsatisfied? Why aren’t we happy ?

  Its because of the greed and the fear that has imprisoned man’s soul. We have locked ourselves in a room which is full of hatred and fear.

  We have developed speed but lost our innocent heart. We have discovered fire but lost our small desire. Yes, my friend we have lost it.

  The common feeling that arises in us is that nothing is going to change. I can’t change the world alone. But my friend believe me you can and so can I .

  Let me give you a simple example. Let us suppose that  about one lakh of people are sitting in a hall. And suddenly the light goes off. The hall is full of darkness now. The darkness which is so dark that you are not able to see who is sitting beside you . It is so dark that I am not able to see who is standing beside me.

  It is so dark that we can’t see the path to move out. We can’t get the path to come in light , to come in life. Then what will be our thinking,  just to be seated obviously. Do as  others are doing. Keep quiet and be seated.

  But my friend what if you have a candle and you light it up, then what will happen?

  Yes , its true that after lighting the candle also you won’t be able to see all the people sitting there in the hall. But my friend it is also true that the whole eyes placed over there in the hall will be on you, will be on your candle. You will become the hope for all people. You will become the person to guide them towards the light, towards the life.

  I want you to be that person who is holding the candle. The person who has got the chance to change the world .

  So, my friends let’s not work for slavery but work for liberty. Let’s work to make this life free and happy. Let’s listen to our heart once and start the fight against injustice.

  God resides in man. Not in a single man, not in a group of men but in all the millions of people, living on the planet. So, let’s provide shelter to the labourers and the farmers , who work day in and day out .Let’s provide education to all those unfortunate children who haven’t seen schools. Let’s work for the humanity and bring the smile on each and every face on the planet.

  And believe me the day you will bring smile to a single person, on that day you will be satisfied. On that day you will feel happy and will get the real meaning of liberty. 

Friday 19 August 2016

(Prof. Debesh Choudhury-A senior IEEE member and currently with Adamas University, Kolkata)
Q1. Sir, as you know that today we are celebrating 70 years of our independence,so what according to you we have achieved so far and what yet has to be achieved?
A1. 70 years for a country is not a small time but see everything takes time to grow.There are enough possibilities but positivity has to be there. Possibilities in our country are submerged in complexities.We have to find out these complexities and get rid of them. We have to evaluate every year so as to know where we are and where we have to go. But till now the outputs are not much encouraging.On the whole,we have to work on this very critically in order to achieve more.
Q2 .How can we utilize the resources and opportunities available in our country in a better way?
A2. Opportunities may differ from person to person and from society to society .In today’s world,student’s first priority is to get a recognizable position after education and this only he thinks will open ways for more opportunities but according to me,we can find opportunities in even small things but this can happen only if we have that zeal.In order to have more opportunities in our country,we should start locally.Then only small companies will spring up,imports will be reduced and  we will  be able to grow more.
Q3. How is your experience working as a senior member of IEEE?
A3.  It is basically a society one can join in.Student members are also there.In IEEE,meetings and interactions are also held which I enjoy a lot as I like connecting with people.We exchange ideas and knowledge which I enjoy very much.This expands our knowledge and this also tells us what we know and what more we have to learn and improve.
Q4. Sir, what is the working environment like at Adamas university in Kolkata?
A4. Adamas university is a new university.It has been a college” Adamas Institute ofTtechnology” from past nine years.I have recently  joined the university.It is  a very big and beautiful campus.It has got spacious laboratories with Hi tech equipments.The working environment there is really great.
Q5 .Sir what are your views about today’s programme?
A5. The programme was really good.I enjoyed it.I love music so  for me  all the  performances were nice.
Q6. Any tagline that you would like to give to our institute?
A6 .Your institute is an IT specialized one but what I think is that IT does not only mean software.It is software incorporated with hardware and then bringing it out together as a whole system.

                          AYUSHI RASTOGI

Sunday 14 August 2016

Happy Independence Day !!!

                                                                                                      By- Divya Lakhwani

        "Other might have forgotten
           But never can I
          The flag of my country,

          Furls very high."

     Long years ago,we made a tryst destiny and now the time comes 

     when we shall redeem our pledge .

     This year we step into our 70th year of independence.
     Our freedom is the result of hard work and life sacrifice of a lot of 
     brave land lover people to our motherland "Bharatmata".

    We achieved our freedom assertively without being aggressive.
    We still stand as one of the greatest and  mysterious country in the world
     because of our soft yet strong nature, diverse culture and values.
     This day people pay homage to the leaders and freedom fighters who 

     fought for Indian's freedom.

     This day is celebrated with a lot of  zeal and enthusiasm all across the country
     and independence day celebrations officially take place at Red fort, Delhi.

    On this day people fly kites, which plays a vital role.Kite..., symbolises 
     the feeling of freedom which people express on this special day.

     We wish everyone a very happy Independence Day .
                    JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT.