Friday 20 October 2017

Interview of Mr. Bharat Sethi (Founder of PosterGully and co-founder of iDecorama)

Q. First of all, how was our campus and hospitality of our Institute?
A.  I loved the campus. The campus is big enough.  The space that usually one person has is 0.75 Acre for themselves. That’s really huge. The space is nice, green and very hospitable. That’s all one need now days “breathing space”. Hospitality of MDP is awesome.
Q. You have successfully started and managed many ventures like ‘Poster Gully’ and currently iDecorama. So what are the challenges that Entrepreneur face and what are the skills required to tackle it?
A. Entrepreneur’s journey is very different. If I tell you about myself, I started at a very young age when I was 16. More importantly, I was working alone. The motives of entrepreneur are simple you know to grow, make money and basically be the boss of yourself. The challenges were very different to fight with one self, to fight for time. Asking yourself whether you are doing the right thing or not. The Irony is that entrepreneurship is very glamorised from outside but from inside it’s very dark.  There are days when you fail continuously and try to step back. More challenges are like team management and before that to build a right team. Money management is a serious challenge because there are days when you feel you are just investing and not making anything out of it. In one line, the challenge is to successfully replicate success every day.
Q. You started selling artwork on eBay at 16 as told by you. What inspired you to do this at a very tender age?
A. I seriously don’t know what inspired me. I was born to be a entrepreneur. For me being second was as bad as not participating in it. I always wanted to be a leader. At the age of 16, I was in 11th standard and my only motive was to be different from rest and to be the best at my work all the time. How to become different from someone who is very intelligent or excellent in sports. How to tell everyone you know that this is me. These were the thoughts I had at that time. This motivated me to do I was best in. That’s entrepreneurship
Q. According to your LinkedIn profile, you left your Job in just 4 days. What were the reasons to leave the job too early?
A. I think everybody should know their worth. Then only you can add value to any work you do. But that in our world is very difficult to do. I sat for placements, that’s also very few, due to pressure from friends and family.When I got placed and started to work, 4 days were like 4 months to me. It was horrific. On my first day, they gave me a laptop to work. And then half a day gone just drinking coffee. The peoples  were just wasting time in drinking coffee and talking  worthless. First day I could feel the negativity around me. Then next day manager gave me the work of putting data on excel for one month. Then next day I asked for a half day. They said no and I said that I am leaving.
Q. What is the difference between the education system here when compared to abroad?
A. See ours is a very theoretical setup. We focus on things that in real life mean very less. It’s very sad to say that many engineers are not skilled due to this. You are lucky to study in this institute. There are 100 thousand institutes in India having nothing. We are following a very outdated system of education. The foreign system is very practical especially when it comes to higher education. I think we have a long way to go in transforming our system of education.
Q. You have played state level football and won best actor award in college. You must have invested a lot of time In learning these skills. What is the importance of these skills for you?
A.  I really can’t emphasise the importance of playing any sport. It teaches a lot more than you could ever learn in class rooms. If you see leaders of present time like Steve Job, Narendra Modi, you see they have dynamic personality. They are magnets and you don’t become magnet just by digging deep inside a book. You have to learn how society works. And that starts when you interact people. Best way for this is to do with sports, going out, meeting people, travelling. So it’s very important.
Q. In one your videos, you said that honesty is the skill you look forward in an individual. If in a situation a person is extremely talented but not much honest, how would you deal ?
A. Doesn’t work at all. I have so many bad incidents, i give you a small example. I have hired two people and we were small unit at that time just around 25 people,and i was sitting across these two guys(from top institutions of the country) and at morning 10’o clock , i heard howling in my office and when i look around, these two people are fighting with each other and one had slapped the other one. They both are talented people but their social skills were zero, maybe negative !! They couldn’t properly communicate with each other. That’s where i realized, Talent is ok but ethics takes you a long way. You can make their talent skills from 7 to 9 as a leader but you can’t improve their ethical skills. This also changed my hiring procedure.
Q. One simple question, what Tedx is according to you ?
A. It open doors for everybody in this world who wants to get motivate. I think what you need at the end of the day,if you look at somebody around any part of the world what they need is some motivation, some broader mindset, some positive thinking, some problem solving, that’s the day well spent. And i think Ted platform has been doing that for a long time. Every person needs some impacts in life, and every person you listen they change the way you think. These talks are very unintentional , maybe i am saying something that will change your life. You should have been learning whole of your life, doesn’t matter age, doesn’t matter position and doesn’t matter your social life !
Q. Sir, what is the importance of tedx platform to you ?
A. I have been always learning something from my life, that’s what my attitude is towards life. Now i am learning something from you people sitting over here. I don’t need any inspiration to tell me that this is right way, i don’t need any steve jobs or any god to motivate me. You should learn on daily basis from normal people. Also some talks have changed my life in a way. There were many instances in my life when i was very bogged down by all the weaknesses, pressure and stress. In one of the talks, i heard one line which has changed a lot for me, he said “When you hit rock bottom, anything above that is good”, so hit rock bottom in life,don’t be afraid of doing that, there’s nothing to lose. And tedx is providing that sort of learning.

Interviewed and edited by-
Daksh Berry and Rishabh Patel

Wednesday 11 October 2017

साक्षात्कार | कवयित्री पद्मिनी शर्मा

कवयित्री पद्मिनी शर्मा का नाम मन में आते ही बेटी की संवेदना से लेकर नारियों के प्रति समाज में व्याप्त विडम्बनाओं तक तमाम विषयों के मुक्तक और गीत मुखर हो उठते हैं। मानवीय संवेदना तथा भारतीय संस्कृति की मूलभूत प्रवृत्तियाँ, कवयित्री
 पद्मिनी शर्मा की रचनाओं में सहज उतर आती हैं।

प्र.1 महोदया, हम जानना चाहते हैं, आपने बहुत ही छोटी उम्र से लेखन की शुरूआत कर दी थी,आपके लेखन के पीछे प्रेरणा का स्रोत  क्या या फिर कौन था?
जब कोई लेखक या कवि बनता है तो उसकी ज़िन्दगी एक इंजीनियर या डॉक्टर जितनी आसान नहीं होती
क्योंकि भगवान उसे आसान जिंदगी नहीं देता | उसको मुश्किल  ज़िन्दगी देते है ताकि वो लिख सके|
मैं प्रेम की कवयित्री  हूँ और एक प्यार ही है जिसने मुझे बचपन से प्रेरित किया है और जब मैं छोटी थी तब से ही मैं राहत साहब को सुनती थी और तभी मैंने सोच लिया था कि जीना है तो शेर की तरह ही जीना है | तो वही  मेरी प्रेरणा थे |
प्र.2 महोदया, आपने अपनी कविताओं के जरिये  भारतीय नारी के भिन्न-भिन्न रूपों को दर्शाया है | तो आपकी उनमें से सबसे प्रिय कविता या फिर रचना कौनसी  है?
असल में मैंने कभी सोचा नहीं कि मैं कभी भारतीय नारी को दर्शाऊं या उसकी पैरवी करूँ | मैंने सिर्फ अपने दिल की बातें लिख दी और जब पढ़ा तो पाया कि यह तो भारत की हर एक स्त्री, हर एक लड़की, के दिल की बात है| हम बहुत सारी कविताएं लिखते हैं लेकिन जो पढ़ते हैं, सुनाते हैं, वो उनमें से थोड़ी ही हैं | हम अपने लिए लिखते हैं और उनमें से कई छिपा के रखते हैं, क्योंकि  हमे पता नहीं होता  है की समाज इन्हें स्वीकार करेगा या नहीं | हाल ही में  लिखी मेरी एक  प्रिय कविता  सुनाना चाहती हूँ  :
वो कोई ख्वाब था जिसको सजाने वाली थी
तेरे मकान को एक घर बनाने वाली थी |
तेरी नज़र तो मेरे जिस्म से आगे न गई
मैं तुझे रूह में अपने समाने वाली थी
मैं तेरे मकान को एक घर बनाने वाली थी|
यूँ मंजिलो के लिए छोड़  गया तू मुझको
मैं मंजिलो को तेरे पास लाने वाली थी
मैं तेरे मकान को एक घर बनाने वाली थी|
प्र.3 आप स्वयं ही काफी युवाओं की प्रेरणा हैं हम जानना चाहेंगे कि वो कौन से कवि  या कवयित्री  हैं जिन्होंने आपको प्रेरित किया है ?
नहीं मैं किसी का अनुसरण तो नहीं करती हूँ, लेकिन मैं रबिन्द्रनाथ टैगोर से प्रेरित हूँ, जिस प्रकार उन्हें नोबल  पुरस्कार  मिला जैसा उनका जीवन रहा | जब मैंने उनकी जीवनी पढ़ी उसके बाद से मुझे सबसे ज्यादा उनसे प्रेरणा मिली | हम सभी इस दुनिया में आये हैं, हम सभी अपने लिए जी रहे हैं, अपनी ख़ुशी के लिए जी रहे हैं | आपकी ज़िन्दगी का मतलब है जब आप किसी और के लिए, समाज के लिए, कुछ करके जाएं, लोग याद रखें आपको | टैगोर को लोग आज भी याद करते हैं |
प्र.4 महोदया, आपको वाह वाह! क्या बात है !पर छुपा रुस्तम पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया था | तो उसके बाद से आपको जनता की कैसी प्रतिक्रिया मिली ?
मैं कविताएं ऐसे ही लिखती थी और अपने लिए ही लिखती थी | कभी किसी को नहीं पढ़ाती थी | लेकिन मैं जब वाह वाह! क्या बात हैमें प्रस्तुति देने जा रही थी तब मैंने तय किया था कि मैं ऐसे ही तहतमय कविता सुना दूंगी लेकिन उस रात को ट्रेन में मैंने वो गीत लिखा जो आज मेरी पहचान बन गया है | हर जगह लोग वही सुनना चाहते है|
प्र.5 महोदयावर्तमान स्थिति में हिंदी का महत्त्व  कम होता जा रहा है| इस पर आपके क्या विचार हैं और आप युवाओं को क्या संदेश देना चाहेंगी ?
मैं इस बात से सहमत हूँ | लेकिन जैसे मैं हूँ मेरी तरह बहुत से ऐसे कवि और कवयित्री  हैं, तो यह एक ऐसी स्थिति  है जिस पर हमें मिलकर काम करना होगा | लेकिन इसका एक सकारात्मक असर भी है | मणिपाल  में इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज में मुझे बुलाया गया था वहां के प्रधानाचार्य, डीन, किसी को भी हिंदी नहीं आती, लेकिन उन्होंने कोशिश की | और अगर आप खुद इस बात का एहसास करके मुझसे यह सवाल पूछ रहे हैं तो इसका मतलब है कि इसकी स्थिति सुधर रही है |

साक्षात्कार एवं संपादन : आकांक्षा तिवारी एवं तन्मय शर्मा

फोटोग्राफर : निशिधा श्री

Thursday 5 October 2017

3 things You Probably Didn't Know About Catalonia

Maybe you tuned in to your favorite news channel and got dumbstruck by mass protests in a principality in Southern Spain. You may think after Crimea's annexation and ISIS attacks all over the continent,Europe is facing a turmoil.But wait,this situation is much more different from what you think.
1.Catalonia has always been a controversial region in the Iberian history.
It started long ago,even before it was called Catalonia.During the early stage of its history, it was ruled by Romans(it was called Hispania).Although Romans had ruled Catalonia till the onset of medieval age,the region suffered from frequent wars with North African and  Mediterranean tribes.After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the  area was conquered by the Visigoths and was ruled as part of the Visigothic Kingdom for almost two and a half centuries and then came under Muslim rule.Arab rule lasted only for half a century as the powerful Spanish empire defeated the arabs to gain control over the region.Although,it has been  a part of Spanish kingdom since then,Catalans have always strived for an independent territory.

2.FC Barcelona is a symbol of Catalan Independence and Power.
It was during Franco's rule(1939-1975).He banned the use of Catalan language in government-run institutions and during public events, and also the Catalan institutions of self-government. The pro-Republic of Spain President of Catalonia, Lluís Companys, was taken to Spain from his exile in the German-occupied France, and was tortured and executed in the Montjuïc Castle of Barcelona for the crime of 'military rebellion'.Catalans were living under fury of the military dictator.Franco was a Castillian and supported Real Madrid.Catalans saw FC Barcelona as their heroes,who can help  them bring down the Castillan flag.This is how El Classico started.Barca has been  more than a club and El Classico is more than a game.It's about pride of Catalonia and stakes have always been high.It was never Ronaldo vs Messi,it has always been Castillans vs Catalans.
More than a club.
"It's a day for democracy",Pep Guardiola, former FC Barcelona player and manager.
3.Catalans share the same cultural heritage as the other Spaniards.
Catalonia has been an integral part of Spain since the nation’s inception in 1812.Although it has been struck by various invasions from Arabs and Mediterranean and other tribes,it does have a Spanish root.They speak similar language,have similar physical features,eat the same food and share a passion for the same sport-Football.Catalonia forms an important part of the Spanish economy-about 40 percent of Catalonia’s exports go to the rest of Spain.Barcelona is the economic heartbeat of Spain and a major tourist attraction.
With Catalans and Castillans united,we witnessed the most powerful national team in Football History.

People from every single part of Spain celebrated La Tomatina on 30th August in Bunol,despite referendum the day after.

-Kumar Shashwat

Sunday 1 October 2017

An interview with Ms. REEBA KAPOOR,Entrepreneur,Director-"What's in the Name?"

Ms. Reeba Kapoor is a successful entrepreneur,coach and a motivational speaker.Presently,she is Director and Brain Coach at 'What's in the Name?'

Q:  Ma’am, what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Ans:  Five years ago, I started working with a great organisation, but when I went there and started doing   what I was supposed to, I got really bored. Secondly, I always loved the sound of myself, training and talking to myself. Then I thought that something can be done in this area. So, after 6 months of research ,I finally found what I really  wanted to do, that was training students .And that's how my company "What's in the name" was born. My only agenda was to add value and change lives.

Q: The concept of training students is not a new one, you must have faced many problems.What did you do to overcome them?

Ans:  Yes, there are a lot of people already in this sector but my determination kept me going. Especially in India many institutes are open to the concept of PDP's .They are really looked down upon. It took me a long time to get my first institute but when I got my first one I realised that although it may take some time but people are going to love the content I provide because everything I teach is my own life. I teach on a very realistic approach because I have been a recruiter, hiring manager, have arranged freshers’ drives, so I exactly know what these people are looking for.

Q: What is your idea behind changing the mindset of youth of our country towards becoming a job giver rather than a job seeker?

Ans: India has always been an entrepreneurial country. The job culture has come into existence only a few years ago when the MNC's started coming in our country. By nature, we are an entrepreneurial economy anyway. I don't see anything wrong in having this kind of mindset when someone wants to add some value through his or her idea in the economy and actually be a change maker in the economy. This will also make them self dependent and our economy can rely on the shoulders of great entrepreneurs. Then we won't need these big companies coming to our country.

Q: Is it necessary to work under someone, and gain some experience and then start one’s own business?

Ans: No, I completely disagree with it. There are the certain skills that you have it in you, certain things you become aware of, you grasp form the environment, from the people who inspire you and you need some people who add little value in your life.

Q: You have a very busy schedule, like from past two days we are seeing that you don’t have a minute to spare, so what do you think are the golden rules to manage your time?

Ans: You don’t need to manage time when you do the things which you like, the things which are spiritual to you. Moreover, when I am able to add something to someone else’s life, that is highly amazing. That’s why I don’t get tired. I like stretching myself. Its fun, it's amazing until I am falling on the floor and my body is paining(laughs).

Q: You worked with a lot of people of different countries as well. So what's the basic difference you find while working with people of  other countries than with those of ours?

Ans: Guys, the beauty is that change is becoming similar now. When I came back from London five years ago, it was very different for me because people in India are very people oriented, like they want to have lunch with you, they would want to talk with you, basically they want to build some sort of relationship with you. Abroad, it doesn't happen like that. They don't become that personal in business.
But now this culture is changing in India. Work culture is becoming better day by day and the good thing is the development of entrepreneurial spirit. It’s becoming much cooler to work in India.

Q: Please give a tagline for our institution.

Ans: I will give you three words:

And you guys are result oriented.

Interviewed and edited by: Siddharth Jain
                                          Aman Mishra

Photographer-Aditya Singh