Sunday, 27 August 2017

Interview of Mr. Gautam Kumar

Q. Sir, please tell something about yourself, your journey.
A. [professional journey] In 1992,I had completed my Engineering and then I started my job. I did my MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad. I used to work in HCL and it has given me a platform where a person learn how to change the target. We used to work on monthly not weekly target. We have to work on every Friday evening and achieve our target, same thing we have to achieve next week also. On Saturday we have a meeting with board members which was pathetic because if you do something which they don’t like then you will be in trouble. If you have your own set of business modules then you can enjoy your quality time. That’s the reason today, I am telling everybody don’t be a Job seeker, it is not going to help you. In cooperate world there are many ups and downs. From initial stage a person should have focus on career building as they don’t have liabilities and priorities. I have a daughter who is studying medical in Manipal, I tell her don’t be hurry, take time.

Everywhere you will face competition and try to build Up your career.

Q. Sir, How did you manage your emotional balance when you have so much Competition in IT. How do you maintain your position?
A.That is what I am today. I give you a reason – when you are working with cooperate world, something is there in your hand, what is your role, what portfolio you are carrying. Most important thing are you doing justice with yourself. Whatever happens tomorrow you have to be confident
to face the challenges.

Q. Failure and rejection are part of life, you have also faced
It. How do you overcome it?
A.    Always learn from your failure, try to minimise your same mistake which should not happen again.  If you don’t make mistake then how can you learn to grow and have development in yourself, learning after having failure is good.


Reporters: Himadri Singh and Trushita Agarwal
Photographer: Vishakha Gupta

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