Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Interview of Prof.V.Siva Rama Krishnaiah(IIT Delhi)

Q.How was your experience in our college?
A.It was amazing. Your college has a refreshing environment. I am obliged to be here and it was wonderful meeting such people in HR summit. Management of the event was excellent.
Q.Sir did you find any lacking in HR summit or any improvement is required?
A.There were no lacking. Everything was well managed. But there is always a scope of improvement in every event. I think more people must attend it so as to pass the message/ ideas of successful people widely to the newer generations.

Q.Being a national college, how can we contribute more to technology?
A.It’s not about national college but every college must promote practical work. Engineering is all about performing tasks so students should be taught how to perform in real life.

Q.Is startup a better option or job?
A.This choice must be left to students. It depends on capability of a student. If someone thinks that the startup idea is excellent then he/she must go for it else one should take experiences first.

Q.Recently DIGITAL INDIA has become a rising scheme. Do you think it will be helpful when half of the population is indifferent with the word internet.
A.Yes is the answer to this question. Rome was not built in a day. Slowly solutions to this problem will also come and after years this scheme will produce unbelievable results for sure. Like government of india has already initaited CSC project to create internet centers in about one lakh village so that ignorant people can go and take help from these common service centers. 

Q.Would you like to give any tag line to our college?
A.I can’t think of any tagline right now but for sure it has left a positive impression on me.

Reported by-Yatharth Saxena & Ayushi Rastogi

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