Sunday, 22 January 2017


Q. What does quality mean to you?
A. I am giving you an example. We all know about Mercedes cars and tractors. But can we run a Mercedes on a field or a tractor on the road efficiently? The answer is ‘no’. Tractors are meant to travel on coarse roads and Mercedes on plain flat roads. Hence quality is very subjective. It is just about perception. People have to be satisfied with the product that they have got. This is my perspective of quality.

Q. What do you have to say about the arrival of foreign companies to India? They have got technologies that we don’t have.
A.  There are many things that we have but they don’t . It is not good to compare. We have to ourselves fill the gap that is left between us. One thing that we can do is to learn from them and bring reforms in ourselves.

Q. How far do you think new projects like Make in India can go?
A. This thing depends on us. How passionate we are towards it. In the past we had started borrowing things from China. Our demands increased and and so did our dependence on them . It is due to this that we had to launch a project like this to increase the production in India. If we stop that past trends of borrowing things from other countries then we can surely see these projects being successful.

Q. How can we increase the quality in projects like Make in India?
A. This can be done through honesty and integrity. We have to follow every specification that we are instructed to. We don’t have to corrupt it. We have to be self-disciplined.

Q) In what ways does India need to work to catch up with the foreign companies? 
A.  We have to get into a structured value system. Every good company has got a value system associated with it. We have to create our own principles and stick on it to catch up with them.

Q. What is your value system ?
A. I have a value system. I call it RINEW. R which stands for ‘respect for self and others’ , I for ‘integrity’ , N stands for ‘non discrimination’ , E for ‘excellence’ and W for ‘well being for everyone’.

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