Sunday, 22 January 2017


Q. HR is a very important resource for a company. What are the essential requirements for being a HR?
A. HR is a very unique position in a company. It is totally different from other sectors in the company. HR is a multilevel sector which covers all because it deals with human as a resource. Gone are the days when being a conventional HR would be alright. Now you have to deal with different & diverse business outcomes. You have to fulfill the wishes of Manager or CEO. You should be innovative & must bring values.

Q. What are the role of HR summits for HRs & students?
A. HR summits play a crucial role for both of them. It is a interactive session in which both students & HRs learn from each other. HRs also learn from other HRs. We get a lot of innovations on using different themes for doing our work each year. In HR sector everything involves people. We have to employ the most valuable resource of the company.

Q. What are the various things you consider while recruiting?
A. Basically we have to recruit individuals which are suitable as per the company requirements which we consider using various data analytic methods. Both the competency & academic skills also matter for recruitment. We value individuals on the basis of attitude, communication skills & conceptual clarity. We also see the individual’s ability to work inside our organization. CGPAs matter but not so much.

Q.  Do college name really matters while conducting interviews in the on campus selection?
A. First of all before conducting on campus interview, we see whether we require  a fresher or an experienced person? We usually prefer Tier 2 colleges as the students there are both skilled & less expecting . Most of the Tier 1 college students are more expecting  & their dropout rate is also more. This we came to know through various techniques of data analytics.

Q. You have a lot of experience . What are the various places that you had worked in the past?
A. From the very beginning I had an inclined interest towards an unconventional sort of job. I had worked in factories, as a HR in banking industry and also in steel & software industry. I have worked in IBM where I managed thousands of employees. I also worked in design & development project at HCL though I didn’t have any prerequisite knowledge of that field. Stable & easy jobs were not for me. I had worked as head HR for many countries at a time & that too in multiple firms.

Q. What are the qualities that young HRs should have for a good career in HR field?

A. They should be humble & must have a learning orientation. HR job should be their passion. They should have good leadership qualities & ability to work with people. They should not do favor for a particular person due to their personal interests. You should treat everybody equally & act as mirror to them.

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