Thursday, 19 January 2017

Interview in IWCCMP conference

Q. How did you feel being in our campus?
A. Obviously it is an excellent campus, its greenery makes it worth praising. It gave me opportunity to have words with great researchers.

Q. Our College is specialized in Information technology branch. What are positive points of a IT student?
A. IT branch is one of the most required branch in the coming future. IT engineers have a knowledge of every field and can also compete students of CS branch. Talking broadly, whichever the branch may be, if you study it deeply with proper logics and concepts, you can succeed in the field.

Q. Do you think our education system is lagging in some aspects?
A. Yes, system of our education is not going good. A student excellent at math but poor at chemistry may not be studying in great college like IIT can explain education situation.

Q. Our College is organizing a fest MOM, based on theme of Modi’s Swacch Bharat Abhyan. Being an IT students what contribution can we give to promote this?

A. Nature always takes its revenge and the best solution to this problem is caring nature like planting trees and reducing population. But you being in IT department can think of model which can be used in situation of emergencies. Like few days’ back Delhi suffered from smog badly so if you can think of any device to reduces this, it will be a memorable contribution from IT.

Reported By-Yatharth saxena & Vishakha Gupta
Photographer-Nikita Sharma

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