Thursday, 5 January 2017


Q. Sir we had a glimpse at you profile , you are a very tech-savvy person , how do  you manage to be up to date to the present technologies despite of your busy schedule?

A. Learning should be a part of our daily schedule. I ensure that I study at least one hour a day. This is the first thing I do in the morning. I don’t like reading newspapers rather I devote that time in studying due to which people take me very differently. I think Times Of India app solves this problem for me which makes me very precise to the news I want to read.

Q. Do you think mastering one particular technology is enough or knowing about a wide range of technologies is important?

A. What I do is maintain a list of new and emerging technologies I need to know and learn about. List is growing vertically and this process goes on which is very helpful for me and so I think the present world and wants and aims about.

Q. Technical ideas are not enough , business ideas too play a important role to implement our skills. What are your views about this?

A. Technology itself is nothing , it is just an enabler. It does not bring any cash flow so is useless for any profit earning organization.  We should have a fair understanding of how the technology serves the need of the organization. Technology just helps to bridge the gap between various business ideas.

Q. The start-ups itself are facing problems of competition and fast paced market, so what according to you are the ways these start-ups can come in par with the various M.N.C.’s?

A. Creating website or an android app is not business , it is just an opportunity. The concept of start ups should be changed. Like earlier it cannot be formed by just a single person , there should be a group of good share holders. The people should be accountable and responsible. Initially any start up company cannot have more workforce.  A single person should have the potential to begin with any department of the organisation.If there is competition then only there is opportunity. Today dimension of startup have changed. Now E -commerce, food delivery have completely saturated.Today there are more opportunity are in health care, tour and travel and education.

Q. Technology stack past present and future, so what next is yet to come in future , I mean is there anything left ?

A. Next bigger revolution that is going to come is IOT, that is internet of things. Most of the devices would be talking to each other .We would see our car, mobile phones, A.C.s, conversing with each other .It would be like sms is gone AC is on. He other eminent thing would be NFC near field communication, two device when touched can transfer their data. It would find application in the shopping complexes  where we would get notification in our cell phones, as we pass through the shops.

Q. As we all know a very strong step has been taken by our prime minister to demonetize the old currency notes, was it the right time and how has it affected the market – boon or bane?

A.  It is a part of governance and we being the citizens should have faith in the representatives we have chosen. I really appreciate this strong step which is taken and since I am into business and corporate work since past few years and the difference which I have seen is the parallel economy going on which is actually the reality. The honest citizens are under loss while on the other hand corrupt people always feel they are getting things on discount by not paying tax. To conclude, they have done a very fair job.

Q. What is the tagline you would like to give to our institute or any such success mantra for us?

A.  “ Neither success nor failure is an accident .“ Work hard and start from basics…success would be at your doorsteps.


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