Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Interview of Mr Sandesh Kumar (HR Wipro)

Q. How was your experiencing working with wipro till now?
A. I have been working with wipro since the past two years. We have been growing both in terms of    business and technology. We have been trying to inculcate policies to work for the betterment of both our employees and consumers which has made wipro a major player in indian ITC.

Q. Sir, Wipro has been a mass recruiter, Is this because you prefer freshers more over experienced employees?
A. Yes exactly, we prefer freshers more over experienced people  and believe in training them for our company and use their fresh minds and ideas for our better development. Moreover, 60% of our seats are reserved for such fresh souls.

Q. How do you rate your competetors?
A.  Our aim is never to reach the top , we just want to serve better and improve day by day, use the new technologies and improve in our way. Wipro features in the top three Indian IT firms and is widely recognized across the globe but we still hope to improve in the near future.

Q. Where do you see your company in the coming years?
A. ‘Digital India’ is our major plan of the era as clients are increasingly looking to spend more time in that area.We have set a target and we are working together to achieve this soon. Wipro focus on localization and dreams to bring that out.
Q.What are the qualities you look for in a person during employment?
A. Every company surely demands something from the person getting employed. Adability is the major thing we want in the candidate as the ability to adjust is very useful for our company’s growth.
Secondly, he should be ready to learn the new technologies for the betterment of the firm. Knowledge is the fundamental thing we want to see in a candidate.

Q. Can you give any tagline for our institute?
A. A very beautiful green campus with intelligent young brains. Hope to visit the campus soon for placements.

Reported By-Anjali Jain & Daksh Berry
Photographer-Yash Choudhary

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