Sunday, 22 January 2017


   Q. How was your experience collaborating with ABV-IIITM, today we had a workshop, so how do you feel being a part of it?                                                                                      
   A. It is the second time I am coming to this campus and it is always great to be here. You have areallybeautiful green campus. Anurag Srivastava is a great host and we can’t deny if he requests. But being here is a great opportunity since it doesn’t happen everywhere that we have such long sessions extending till midnight and even further. The program gives a chance to interact and learn new things and its more about distributing knowledge. In research field,people tend to keep everything confidential, but here things are different and we always get to learn new things.

    Q.  Sir, science is a subject which requires practical knowledge, but in India, students are more focused on the theoretical side. Why do you think this happens and is this a possible weakness of our country? 
        A .Coming to the research field is a challenge because of less funds especially for labs. Today, students after their schooling prepare for competitive examinations, mostly they are not interesting in even seeing their school’s practical labs. Practical classes in schools become a formality. So we need to improve on the point.

    Q.   So do you think that science education in India is inadequate?
    A.   Competitive exams and theoretical studies are all important but basic training is also required. School should not be just for attending classes. You should have a bit of practical knowledge. Today’s students know what a screw gauge is, what a Vernier caliper is, they know its least count, but don’t know how to use it. Theory is very much important as we cannot try everything practically. So if we have a computational method, we can take the idea and use it to see the output, if it is acceptable, then we can go to the experimental side.

    Q.   What do you think is the importance of these kinds of conferences or workshops in promoting science education and research? 
         A.  This kind of workshops are great sources of knowledge. There are many costly software and programs unavailable to common research scholars.But here they get to learn to use it and get hands-on experience with otherwise unavailable resources.

    Q.  Sir, being in a good position now in this field, what was the inspiring factor which brought you here?
     A.  I did my PG from Banaras University, which is now IIT-BHU. So, there we could find faculty staying long after office time to work on their researches. This inspired us to work more and try to learn more so that we could also publish papers. It is really inspiring to find your research paper getting published and I think that is what motivated me to this path. 

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