Saturday, 7 January 2017

Interview of Dr. G D Verma (Prof IIT Roorke) in IWCCMP conference

Q. Sir according to you, should we students have command on one particular field   or should we  have  a wide range of knowledge about different fields ?

A. No, according to me in this fast moving   era, we cannot have command on only  one particular field, and  say that we are done with it. We need to have wide knowledge of different other   fields  as well. Like you all are students of information technology. Knowing only coding will not help. As today everyone has to face a tough competition with each other. So we should try to expand our knowledge in other fields too.

Q.In what direction should we work to groom our managerial skills?

A. Yes, everyone   need   to have managerial skills. It plays very important role to run a company or any firm. Being in a college you would be   getting   various opportunities   to organize any fest or other meetings   and activities. These events also need to be properly managed and executed. So this is how we learn to groom our managerial skills. See child, we get various opportunities in life, we just need to learn how to grab them. And one who does can easily succeed   in life.

Q. Sir, today start-ups are facing problem of competition, rapid growth, fast paced market. How will it come to same levels as multinational companies?

A. It is completely   wrong to compare your own company with some other multinational company. Rather one should concentrate on their own and finds ways to communicate with the audience. It doesn’t matter if you produce one relevant piece of content or ten. It doesn’t matter if you actively engage on one network or on five. What really matters is

Q. Sir, what is success mantra of your life?

A. Success   mantra,   see just remember never lose hope, and always have courage to  build your  life even from scattered fragments. This is very important.

Q. Sir, who is your inspiration?

A. There was no one particular who inspired me. When I was a child my parents were my only inspiration. But as I grew up and came to higher classes I got inspired by seniors who were multi-talented. See  we being humans no of one is perfect, so we should just try to adopt good things from everyone. So that we may turn into  good mannered and civilized  humans.

Q.Sir how do you push through your worst times?

A. See child the one thing that you should remember that there is no such worst times. We consider them worst because things happened which we did not expected or   even imagined. Everything cannot happen according to our will and choice. Just keep in mind time is never static , it  is moving , so just keep calm and try to find solution and move forward in your life.  Soon   worst time will come to an end. You would also get stamina to face   them.

Q.Sir according to you was the step of   demonetization was correct and was it the right time to do so?

A. See we being citizens of  India, should cooperate with our leaders and I think whatever step they take, they take for our betterment. Yes I can say that that this step taken by him was very courageous and bold one. So we should also respect his decision. We should also cooperate so that his decision does not fail and other country get chance to look down upon our managements.

Q.Sir, if you had to describe out institute in a single line, what would it be?

A. Tag   line, this is a bit tough question to answer I suppose. I would just like to say yes it is a very beautiful,   green, big campus, which is very rich in biodiversity. As your institute represents diversity and cleanliness, similarly you all should   try to have diversities in our knowledge and ideas.

Reporters: Vishakha Gupta  & Yatharth   Saxena
Photographer: Nikita Sharma                          

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