Thursday, 5 January 2017

Interview of Delhi Team(Udbhav Utsav 2k16)

Q. How did you find the hospitality of our institute?

A. We had a few problems when we came to the city. But So far as your college is concerned it was very good. We loved it here.

Q. How did you find the city Gwalior?

A. Actually we haven’t yet got a chance to see the city. We have been busy with preparation.  But the people we came in contact with here are very humble and down-to-earth unlike most of them we meet during travelling and in Delhi.But alas we could not enjoy the city. We had our practices one after another.

Q. How were the facilities provided in our college and during your stay in the city in general?

A. The facilities provided in your college were brilliant. And in the stay in the has also been a comfortable one. Its way better than other cities we go to participate in such competitions.

Q. Are you planning to visit any of the historical places here in Gwalior?

A. We wanted to but we have our train tomorrow at 12 pm. But we did go to JaiVilas Palace. It was a great experience to witness the lifestyle of modern Rajas.

Reporters - Surya Pratap Singh & Chinmay Rane

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