Sunday, 22 January 2017

Interview of Mrinalini Deshpande

Q. What message do you want to convey by IWCCMP?
A.The message that we want to convey is the need to bring together the scientific and technical community in order to share their knowledge in the recent trends on the advanced materials.

Q. What is the significance of this conference at global level and how is it beneficial for people?

A. This conference is one of the means to develop scientific temperament and develop economies of countries worldwide. People get aware of the developing technologies and happenings in the field of science. I feel that this somehow increases their inquisitiveness and interest and even if they are not able to contribute in a direct way, there support do help us in some roundabout way.

Q. Why are students doing Ph.D. are not much involved in research work? Where are we lacking and what advances should be made in this field?
A.  Well, it is not completely true. Students do get involved in research work but the output is definitely less. The main reason behind this is the lack of understanding of basic concepts. For example if I ask you the definition of ionic bond you will not be able to answer it at this very instant in technical terms. You will have to think and frame the answer in your mind which again is the result of messy basics. Students mug up the answers a night before their examination and get their degrees with a shiny CGPA of 9. This has become the trend of this era.

Q. Referring to your previous answer, in India, there is not much providence for recruitments of students involved in research field. What are your views regarding this?
A.  Yes, there is surely a need to reform our education system. To have a secure future in research field you need to give your cent percent into it. Hard work and patience are the keys to success. If you are dedicated enough you automatically will have good opportunities knocking at your door. You will have ample of funds to lead a well settled life.

Q. What according to you should be done to solve this problem on the basic level?
A. I will answer this question with an example. Suppose you perform badly in one of your tests. So in order to cover up the lost marks in next test, you start mugging up more rigorously without even clearing the last concepts. This is where efforts should be made.

Q. To end this interview on a light note, which part of the research work do you like the most?

A.  Well.. I actually like the aftermath most when our research works get published and we receive views, both critical and non-critical, from our readers and fellow researchers.  

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