Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Interview of Mrs. Aruna Oswal(Director & Chairperson of Oswal Greentech Ltd.)

Q.How was your experience in our college?
A.This institute is one of the prestigious national institute of India. I feel delighted that I am invited to such excellent H.R summit. Here I got the chance to meet great people. Last but not the least beauty of this college is mesmerizing. One can find peace in natural beauty and greenery of this college.

Q.Being a female leader, what difficulties you face in your life?
A.There are many challenges to women in Leadership. Many of the challenges come from other people. Yet some of them come from the women themselves. Women need to be confident in them and their ability to do anything anyone can do not just a man. Know who you are as a person and express that. Demand and expect the right to be treated fairly. Keep a positive attitude and explore all avenues out there. 

Q.Do you think, our education system is lagging behind of other countries?
A.I would say yes, in some aspects. Our education system must become more practical rather than theoretical. Students should be given right to choose their field of interest.

Q.We are from IT department, any particular suggestion would you like to give to us.
A.Information Technology is growing day-by-day. You people must be aware and well updated to the new technologies and news.

Q.Do you think any improvements are required for HR summit 2017?
A.Not any particular. But I am sure it will become more advanced and popular year-by-year.

Q.Lastly we would like you to throw some light on “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”. As we are coming up with our exhibition fest MIND OVER MATTER based on this theme.
A.It is an excellent theme as cleanliness is next to godliness. As you are students of IT department , you can have an important contribution to this by making some models to help cleaning India. 

Reported by-Yatharth Saxena & Vishakha Gupta
Photographer-Mukul Sikka 

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