Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Interview of Mr. Kushagra Pande ,Manager Talent Acquisition - Product Engineering and University Relations at Kronos.

Q1. Sir,in your keynote you were talking about Artificial Intelligence,which is going to be the next big thing after Internet, according to  you how long will it take before it starts developing code?
Ans. It's already evolving, it's already there. Artificial Intelligence  has already taken up redundant and monotonous jobs.They have taken up the laborious jobs in which a machine or robot will be more suitable. Primarily, developing nations are getting affected by it. So, countries like china and India will still get opportunities to implement AI more. There will still be few sectors in industry which will need human touch. How much of it we can imbibe AI that's what we need to explore more. How much of the code that you wrote is executable?Can a machine replace that code in a few lines and give you better results?So it's all dependent on the outcome.And we do need a human who will be coding down the machine and it depends on how efficiently the machine is coded, then the machine will start working.

Q2. How hard has global changing demographics made recruitment. How do you keep up with these global competition?
Ans Primarily, when we talk about the global landscape, we need to remember that the labour market is already shrinking. Hiring right people at right point of time, multi-skilled, multitasking people, that is what everyone is hunting for.
People are available who can do an ‘X’ job, but when we're looking at people who can do ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ jobs at the same time, them that is hard job.
From the industry perspective also we need to define what technology we have which can implement the upcoming technologies, like AI, chain block and all.

Q3. What are the things that you look for when hiring a professional and what things lead to an immediate rejection?
Ans First of all, from a Kronos perspective I'll say whenever we go to to campuses we look to hire rather to reject.Practical knowledge is more important , are you really aware of what you are learning in your core curriculum and then beyond that what you have done, have you really explored what is going in the industry? how much of it have you got practically exposed to?That's what matter at the end of the day. CV writing is very very important but what you are writing in your CV is as important.Preparing a page CV if you have really showcased what are your skills and strengths.

Q4. The motto of Kronos is “Workforce innovation that works”. What innovation had Kronos bought in the recruitment sector?
Ans I’ll say not only the from the recruitment perspective, but from the overall perspective, where we have our products not only in recruitment sector but also on payroll, HR systems, leave management, absence management and all such fields.So constantly, we have been evolving.There have been five phases where we have evolved. We were the first company on the world which bought the first microprocessor based punching system in the world. This was way back in 1977. Till that point of time, every organisation was just thinking of taking the employee record over the registers, so it was not that the companies were thinking as to how the attendance can be automatized.
The current need for our product as of now was cloud. We have tough competition, still being world leaders, we've faced tough competitions from companies like paykaro, paycheck. These are the organisations that have been really beautiful in the way they have been working.So the current product that will be going in the market soon, will definitely revolutionize the engine HR industry.
In terms of how Kronos really works from an innovation perspective, there is a very important element, which we call as “Kronovation”. We dedicate almost 72 hours for an employee to get away from work, to let them think about something different from their work.
Maybe a tester can think about a developer, or a developer can think about what is happening in testing. Maybe something you had thought about but hadn't got the time to implement. That what we call Kronovation, and it remains in our tagline as well, “Workforce innovation that works”.

Q5. What are the technical specializations that are important for current market or what are the fields that a student should pursue?
Ans.The current need of the market is cloud, data analytics and artificial intelligence in India is still in its nascent stage but data analytics and cloud is there and I.O.T. Whenever you are related to technology field try to grab the things related to it, when you are from a business managing field try to implement it.

Q6. It is important to maintain a huge network!!! How do you grow your circle ?
Ans.Like these events this is the platform, meeting senior folks from the industry I exchange my cards LinkedIn is the best way to connect to people people and discuss the next meet. Follow people who are leaders in your industry,read their blogs and start making connects. Like mindedness is the main theme or agenda which young professionals like you  can do. Read what really excites you and start following the writer.Twitter, GitHub,Stack Overflow, These are the places , I don't say go away from Facebook you should have a social network but if we are talking about professional network, it's more important.

Reporters: Himanshi Kalra,Nishant Tomar
Photographer: Yogesh   

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