Wednesday 27 December 2017

Interview of HarshaJith Umapathy,Sr.VP & Practice Head at Hansa Cequity.

Q1. How does Azko Nobel manage such a big network which is spread over 80 countries?

Ans. I think it is because of the system that is evolved over 400 years and the procedure that have been let down , I think this is which helps us to manage 80 countries and 210 locations.

Q2. As there are no roses without thorns, likewise you must have also faced many difficulties in your way, so sir would you like to share with us so that as students we get motivated.

Ans Everyday, there is something special that is the belief we are carrying, everyday before going to bed I take into account the leanings I had in the day ,so as to have a good implementation next day.It is a continuous process.

Q3. At the end of day it’s all about profit in business. So Sir, what suggestions would you like to give to new people or students who will enter world of Entrepreneurship

Ans. Whenever you have an idea evaluate it from all angles, if is viable and sustainable and plan accordingly because if planning is done the execution is pretty easy. Start ups fail because the planning is not proper and they are not able survive challenges.

Q4. What are the qualities of an good employee of a M.N.C ?

Ans. Loyalty is the key point, a person must be loyal to his profession as well as company.Then comes the integration ,hard work, communication skills, qualification. So first comes loyalty and then the operational skills of a person.

Q5. Sir, I personally congratulate you on your idea of sustainability. But Sir I would really like to know how do you take people along with you in such a noble taste.

Ans.  Most important part is leadership from front as I told you I travel by Bus , I don’t use car given by company, I motivate my staff , Initially people used to make fun of it but after seeing the results same people are praising me. So a good leadership and good connect with the team are the keys. Connect with people makes a huge impact.

Reporter: Siddharth Jain
                Smita Gupta
Photographer : Yogesh Yesk

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