Tuesday, 12 December 2017

An interview of Mr. Suresh Rangadurai, Indian Business head of Axcend Automation and Software Solutions

Q.As per the ninth National HR Summit theme “Evolving Techno-Managerial Leaders Towards New India”, what do you think we need to do to move ahead as per the theme?

A. The biggest challenge that we face in India is that we don’t have  the kind of in depth skill sets, its all on the superficial level. We  Indians usually don’t go in depth of the things which is the biggest challenge or problem faced by us .This is due to the inherent flaw in India’s education system, half the time we are mugging up the things instead of thinking logically about the problems. We are just imitating others. That’s why China, Taiwan, Korea are far ahead of us.


Q. What are the challenges that a person faces in an industrial world and how can one overcome them?

A. When I am dealing with the millennials, it’s a huge challenge for the industry to be able to keep them interested in the work. The pace with which the millennials work and the pace with which the industry works, both are not in synchronization. Industry is still old fashioned while the millennials are up with forward thinking and always in a hurry, always looking for instant solutions. To keep the interest level high for the millennials they need to be constantly supplied with innovative ideas and need to engage them in constant research mode. Technology driven organisations like flipkart ,amazon,myntra,etc are perfect companies for millennials as they are constantly improving and very agile thus millennials find interesting to work in these companies.

Q. What personal development strategies do you find most successful?

A. There are four mantras for personal development:
    1. Motivation
    2. Articulation: it’s how you communicate
    3. Networking: constantly building relations at your level,seniors and others
    4. Understanding Technology:  be curious and should go in depth of the things. You need to have excellent communication and  explore more and more things and things.

Q. Would you like give any suggestions for our budding new students at the time of college recruitments that would help them?

A. Companies not only look for how much knowledge do you have, what they want is you should be adaptable to the fast changing technology. You need to have clarity about what you want to do in your career or life. We should have knowledge of our field and always be very well informed. Spend at least one hour a  day in reading managerial books or anything of your personal interest.    

Reporters: Palak Jain & Tanmay Sharma

Photographer: Yogesh Yesk

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