Thursday, 2 November 2017

An interview with Mr. Dinesh Chandwani , founder at THE WALNUT SCHOOL OF IDEAS

Q. What would you suggest someone who is interested in coding as well as photography?
A. I would suggest you to persue both.Upload your pictures on online platforms like Picsgag or shutterstock.You'll get a dollar for a single pic.You can make decent amount of money over a month,like say 5000-10000 rupees.One thing to be kept in mind is not to upload raw photos,you must edit them using a good software before.If you're enrolled in a college,you can upload pictures of the college and make sure you mention the name of the college.Most newspapers, channels,startups buy pictures from these sources only.You'll get to build a name for yourself and can help you open up opportunities further for various internships and jobs.You'll get to explore yourself and with time you'll know your niche,like nature,food,etc.

Q.What would you suggest someone to persue,MBA or
A. Research what skills are hot in the market right now.You must know there are not enough jobs for M.techs at the moment.They're struggling to find jobs.Its better to get an MBA right now.You must research properly about the market demand.If you're good at everything,you can't settle with anything but the best.Also,if you've done,getting an won't make a lot of difference.

Q.Sir,I'm interested in singing.How can I start doing it professionally?
A. I would suggest you to subscribe to this has one time subscription fees of around INR 5000,which you probably spend over nonsensical stuffs every single month.You can upload your videos and they help you promote yourself.Your videos will be liked and shared.It's also important to promote yourself on social media,especially facebook .You'll need to do a lot of research and once you get into it,you'll learn what works and what doesn't.You need to keep up with the trend. You need to know the best you have and then market it,instead of perfecting it.You can learn many thinks from Dhnichak Pooja.She used negative publicity as a way to market herself.You'll have to find your'll have to find the hole in the market.

Q.Can you tell us differences between Indian and Australian parents?
A. They're more scared in our country.They worry about us a lot and care a lot about what's wrong and what's right.

Q.Do you like music, movies or TV series especially an Australian one?
A. There's not much in Australia but I like Simon Becker.I like a TV-series called "The Mentalist". Narcos is one of my favorite TV shows.

Q.Can you tell us something about the "Walnut School of Ideas" and also how did you came up with this name?
A. It was actually based on the Ice Age.You may have saw the squirrel carrying a walnut.I wanted to start a school,a real one which is different from the standard education system.It'll be government funded and we will not hold any shares.We operate in different cities.We've small offices in Hydrabad,Vijaywada and Nagpur which is like our base.As for our team,almost all of them are dropouts,so none of them carry that "Qualified" label.

 Interviewed and edited by-:
Akansha Tiwari and Riya Jain

Prajwal Singh

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