Saturday 2 September 2017



Q1. What you are doing presently has been a trend in your family since generations. Didn’t you ever feel like joining some other profession sometime in your life.
Ans. I started doing this since I was 7. According to me, this is just a mindset. Ultimately everyone wants to be happy, either by doing what they want to do or what their family expects. What I believe is if I am born in a family which has already created a mark in some field, then why should I not take it forward from that point rather than going to some other field and start from scratch to reach limited heights.

Q2. You go to different places not only in India but also abroad with people of different mindsets, ages, education level and backgrounds. Do you find any difference while delivering your thoughts? And if so, how do you make sure that everyone gets you well?
Ans.  All in all, everyone is on the same ground. The only difference lies in the age but it’s not that big an issue because if it was so then I would not have been the one delivering but would have been on the receiving side. The distinction lies in realization and my objective is just to make them realize. So all these differences actually lead to no differences.

Q3. Can forgiveness become weakness of a person?
Ans. No, forgiveness can never become weakness, in fact it is the strength! You can only forgive when you are strong. There is a very famous line- “क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को जिसके पास गरल है, उसका क्या जो दंतहीन विषरहित विनीत सरल है” meaning that forgiveness only suits the one who is strong enough, it is not meant for weak.

Q4. When someone is going through bad times then people often say things like trust the Almighty but it seems impractical to him at that time. Is it so that philosophy can never meet practicality?
Ans. Everything starts with a hope, for example if I take a cup of tea I hope that it will be sweet but if I already believe that it is bitter then I will not enjoy it.  So giving hope is a very practical thing and if somebody is giving it in the name of God but the other is calling it impractical then he is really in a miserable condition.

Q5. People often fear future, they fear about its uncertainties or mishaps that can occur. So how can we face this fear?
Ans. Fear is sometimes good like night is good to sleep, not to work, so if there was no night this world would be very different. So those fears are like injections to motivate you to do something better.

Q6. It is usually seen that many times people lose faith when bad things happen to them so can it be seen as justified or not?
Ans. Actually those people never had faith, it was expectation! These two are very different things. Like I expect that drinking a cup of tea will keep me awake, now the level of expectation will decide, the tea will definitely effect and keep me awake but I thought it’s gonna last for 3 nights but it was effective for 1 hour only, so it showed its effect but my expectation was more which disappointed me.

Q7. When something good happens in someone’s life, they say it’s because of their hard work but when there are bad things going on they blame their destiny. So is there really something like ‘Karma-fal’ or Destiny?
Ans. Actually people like to take credit of everything but it is ultimately their actions only. Destiny doesn’t affect your actions, it affects the results of your actions. So it’s always there and that’s the whole theory of Karma. It is not what now you are doing but why you are doing, like a doctor & a thief both possess a knife, cover their faces and cut your stomach but it is their intentions that are different.

Q8. We students have different goals and we all work in the direction to achieve them. But according to you what should be the ultimate goal that each one of us should pursue?
Ans. The ultimate goal of life is to look for the goal and if you know it, that’s the biggest achievement. Its always about knowing the goal, knowing what you are here for and not about how much you have achieved it.

 Reported & Edited By:
Mahima Gupta
Gaurav Agarwal

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