Thursday, 5 September 2013

Teachers day Celebration

Teachers’ Day Celebration at ABV-IIITM


A teacher is to the student what a parent is to the child. A guide, a philosopher, a motivator, and a friend; a teacher not only imparts a certain quantity of knowledge but makes the student realize his/her latent potential and helps in making the student better-bit by bit; day by day.

            To further strengthen the bond between the teachers and students we at ABV-IIITM celebrated Teachers’ Day with great enthusiasm. It was a fun-filled event packed with a lot of surprises.

            At the inception of the event was a ‘Saraswati Vandana’ to seek the blessings of Maa Saraswati-The Goddess Of Knowledge. This was followed by an array of performances of students from various streams- IPG, MBA, The students’ performances dedicated to their teachers were enthralling but more fascinating were the performances by our dear teachers.

            The ‘Antakshari’ competition was a delight to the eyes wherein the ’complex reactions’ of our maths teacher, the ‘lack of resistance’ of our electrical teacher and the ’excited energy state’ of our physics teacher left us all flabbergasted. It is fun to see our beloved teachers do activities that they usually aren’t able to do in class.

            The ‘needle & thread’ race and the ‘lemon & spoon’ race were exciting and enjoyable as well.

            The tug-of-war between the teachers and students was another spectacular competition. And the winners of the same were- undoubtedly- our teachers. Of  course, it is they who teach us everything and by no means can we win over them.

            The songs, poems, and speeches by the teachers were enjoyed by all. Not to forget, the standup comedy left us all into splits.

            This is the magic of our teachers who are not only intellectual enough to make us understand the language of the books but are also fun-filled enough to make us realize the importance of balancing things in life so as to have a smooth and safe journey as we travel on the road of life.

            At the end of the event, each student leaving the auditorium was bonded better to their teacher and was confident enough that their bond with their teachers is an eternal one.


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