Saturday, 20 August 2016

What Liberty Means To Me

                                                                                                           By- Deepak Kumar
                                                                                                Edited By- Gunjan Tripathi

  The simple meaning of liberty is that everyone has the right to freedom and justice. Freedom as in ,that none can compel you to work for free, and justice as in,that the state has the responsibility to bring those trespass against you to trails by jury of peers.

  So, basically it means you are a free person, and no one has the right to harm you.

  We got freedom in 1947. And now we have entered in 70th year of independent India. But we are still  fighting and discussing about liberty. We are still unsatisfied with the system.

  Now the question arises, why are we unsatisfied? What type of liberty do we want?

  We all have to find the answers now. We will have to judge ourselves about the liberty we want.

  And for me liberty is to smile, to give chance to every citizen to smile.

  Yes, you heard me right. I don’t want to be an emperor. I don’t have any plan to conquer anyone. But instead my aim is to help everyone, if possible. No matter who he is. Black or white, Hindu or Muslim . No matter which caste he belongs to , no matter whether he is a man or a woman. The only thing that matters to me is that the person is a human.

  And to be honest my friends, its not only me. All of you, who are reading this, and the whole people of the world want the same. We all want to help each other,we all want to bring smile on each others face, we all want to make this earth a happy place.

  Then, where is the problem? Why are we unsatisfied? Why aren’t we happy ?

  Its because of the greed and the fear that has imprisoned man’s soul. We have locked ourselves in a room which is full of hatred and fear.

  We have developed speed but lost our innocent heart. We have discovered fire but lost our small desire. Yes, my friend we have lost it.

  The common feeling that arises in us is that nothing is going to change. I can’t change the world alone. But my friend believe me you can and so can I .

  Let me give you a simple example. Let us suppose that  about one lakh of people are sitting in a hall. And suddenly the light goes off. The hall is full of darkness now. The darkness which is so dark that you are not able to see who is sitting beside you . It is so dark that I am not able to see who is standing beside me.

  It is so dark that we can’t see the path to move out. We can’t get the path to come in light , to come in life. Then what will be our thinking,  just to be seated obviously. Do as  others are doing. Keep quiet and be seated.

  But my friend what if you have a candle and you light it up, then what will happen?

  Yes , its true that after lighting the candle also you won’t be able to see all the people sitting there in the hall. But my friend it is also true that the whole eyes placed over there in the hall will be on you, will be on your candle. You will become the hope for all people. You will become the person to guide them towards the light, towards the life.

  I want you to be that person who is holding the candle. The person who has got the chance to change the world .

  So, my friends let’s not work for slavery but work for liberty. Let’s work to make this life free and happy. Let’s listen to our heart once and start the fight against injustice.

  God resides in man. Not in a single man, not in a group of men but in all the millions of people, living on the planet. So, let’s provide shelter to the labourers and the farmers , who work day in and day out .Let’s provide education to all those unfortunate children who haven’t seen schools. Let’s work for the humanity and bring the smile on each and every face on the planet.

  And believe me the day you will bring smile to a single person, on that day you will be satisfied. On that day you will feel happy and will get the real meaning of liberty.