Saturday, 27 August 2016

             INTERVIEW  WITH  MR. LUCKY  SUMAN        

Q.Sir how was your experience in the college till now?
A. It has been great…wonderful.The best experience was to get involved in SGM ie. Student Gyan Movement. When I  came in first year,I got to know that  SGM was first started by  M.Tech students and they were only a part of it .So,I was the one who insisted IPG students to also be a part of it.So I  started teaching the students in the second year itself.What I faced at home was that we all have qualities but our family tends to suppress them,be it dancing or be it singing and insist more on studying..The same was with the children here .Their parents  used to tell them that study and study,don’t indulge in any other activity.So when I saw them,I thought that if they are good at studies,they can excel in other fields also.So SGM taught them  how to dance and take part in other activities.This continued and now the situation is that IPG, M.Tech, MBA ,P.Hd, the whole college and all the faculty members have become a part of  our SGM family.

Q. What inspired you to come out of the academics and join Student Gyan Movement?
A .My life situations became my inspirations.I mean when I was in school,in tenth standard,my family also persuaded me to give up dancing and only study.So this passion of dancing remained buried somewhere deep inside me.So I thought that no matter if I was not able to do it,if I was not provided with a proper platform,at least I can provide a path for others like me to walk on.That was my only  inspiration.In fact,not only me,anyone who comes to volunteer in SGM has one or the other  story of inspiration behind it.

Q .Sir how was the programme today?
A. I enjoyed the programme very much.It was very good.Students of SGM also took part in it.So it was nice seeing the young talent.

Q . How is Gwalior different from your hometown?
A .Gwalior is good but my  native place is better  primarily, because of the backward society here.People here think that studying is not meant for girls.According to them, after completing senior school, if they go to college, then they will be spoiled ,so better  get them  married .Even when I was in second year, one of my  students  in SGM , who had just completed her  twelfth standard  ,was forced  to get married .I felt like crying seeing such a  mentality. How could they even think of that? She had just turned 18.So these sort of things are very common with the society here.People do not want girls to move forward and prosper more than boys.They want girls to handle household chores only.

Q. Sir in what direction are you working to eradicate this backwardness?
A . We go and talk to their parents  and insist them to send their children to study,ensuring  them  all round development of their ward.Not only they send their  children to study but also  help us to spread this message to more and more children and their  parents. SGM started with a strength of 50 children studying in first to twelfth standard.And today 130 students are a part of SGM family.Its not only my pleasure,but  of everyone who  volunteers to teach these children.

Q .Sir what tagline would you like to give to our institute?Any message for  the students ?
A .For the students: Show Your Talent and show your presence.And I believe that this institute provides a very good platform to nurture your talents.

                             ANJALI JAIN


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