Tuesday, 23 August 2016

        (Current Director,Entrepreneurship programme at Ashoka University.Founder of peopleDynamic,
         Indiapreneurship and also founder trustee of Foundation of Business Competitiveness.)

Q.1 How did you like performance put forth by our institute ?

A.1 Very Good programme, including lot of varieties of dance, song, art-exhibition that was displayed. Students had lot of opportunities to show case their talent, including fine arts. I think you all are a bunch of wonderfully talented kids. This helps in developing life-skills.

Q.2 We are celebrating the 70th year of our independence. So what are your views about the country and what’s your vision of India after 10 years?
 A.2 We are integrating India into a global eco-system and global economy. We have been successful in many catch-ups in the recent couple of years. First of all their has been immense change in the mindset of the people. We have made many policies related to cultural and social aspects which need to be implemented in the coming years. Students are creating more of entrepreneurs and ventures to include the local market. We have to focus on creativity and critical thinking to make policies and more importantly to implement and enhance more of local market in global economy.

Q.3 You have been an HR advisor for IBM and Now you are currently working with Indiapreneur ? So, how is entrepreneurship is different from working under a firm?

A.3 So, entrepreneurship is a expression of being passionate about an idea or a cause. Taking it to a level where that idea or thought process becomes innovation which is something people are willing to pay price for. Compare this to working under a firm. In second thought process, you are a part of the journey of that person or firm.Both are equally acceptable in running your ways, career and making money. This world has many successful entrepreneurs, failed entrepreneurs, useless entrepreneurs and also many successful people in the corporate world as well. There is a new concept of intra-preneurs where you can be an entrepreneur within an organisation to contribute in a meaningful way.

Q.4You have been working with the united health organisation. How does it provide health assistance to local community?
A.4 I was a client of united health organisation long back and they are the largest insurance company in the world. So hence forth we have provided medical assistance.

Q.5 The education system of USA and Australia they give grades to the extra-curricular activities. If a person is good in sports and music he is also benefited in academics. You have been a scuba diver I guess, a golfer and have learnt classical music as well.  So at your personal level do you think education system be transformed to benefit the students who are good at extra-curricular activities?
A.5 I love the research work you have done. Absolutely yes, that’s what we talk about, Sir talked about how much essential these activities are to develop life skills in oneself. I think our community is little over-obsessed. That’s something which is gradually changing over a period of time. The university systems are also changing. You know we always are very harsh on systems. But colleges like Delhi University, they do give admission on the basis of extra-curricular. But we need to do more of it.
                   You have to figure out what you will be known for. If its IT then you have to be best in IT, if in sports then you have to be best in sports. You can do 100 things out of your interest but you have to ankle yourself into something you want to be primarily known for, which means 51% of your time should be on that.

Q.6 Sir, Give us a tagline?
A.6  One of the tagline is do what you love and love what you to. Just follow your passion as you will be known for it.

Interview Credits-
Reporters-Risabh Patel & Vishakha Gupta
Photographer-Ankit Sharma


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