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Its  been  over  2500  years since the first Olympics started in  Greece. But first Modern Olympics were  held  in  1896  and  are  continued  ever since. These Olympic Games have  encouraged the sportsmanship, competitiveness and help in unifying the world. These games are held once in every four years around the world.  2016 was one such year in which the games were held in Rio, Brazil. Sportsmen from all around the world represented their country and participated with great enthusiasm.
There are total 28 sports in Olympics which include:
  •    Aquatics (including swimming, diving and synchronized swimming, water polo)
  •    Archery
  •   Badminton
  •    Basketball
  •   Boxing
  •   Canoe/Kay
  •    Cycling- including Track, Road, Mountain biking, BMX)
  •     Equestrian
  •     Fenci
  •   Football (soccer)
  •    Golf
  •    Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampolining)
  •     Handball
  •     Hockey
  •     Judo
  •     Modern Pentathlon
  •    Rowling
  •     Rugby 7s
  •   Sailing
  •    Shooting
  •    Table tennis
  •   Taekwondo
  •     Tennis
  •    Track and field
  •     Triathlon
  •     Volleyball- indoor and beach volleyball
  •     Weightlifting
  •     Wrestling (Greco-Roman and Freestyle)

With all these sports this year top five countries winning maximum number of medals are;
1.       USA
2.       Great Britain
3.       China
4.       Russia
5.       Germany
Where USA earned total 121 medals which includes 46 Gold, 37 Silver and 38 Bronze medals!
Apart from all these achievements what matters is participation, team work, sportsmanship and not losing hope. The sportsmen showed great enthusiasm as well as the crowd. They together represented their culture and unity.
That’s what makes Olympics “THE OLYMPICS”!
And when it comes to unity and culture there comes India. Winning 2 medals, one Silver and 1 Bronze, we proved others to be a great competitor. Although we won just two but the efforts made by the sportsmen over there were appreciable. But not forgetting PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar, the three of them made every Indian to say proudly that “yes! We are Indians!”

Won silver moreover won everyone’s heart: P V Sindhu

P V Sindhu’s match against Spain’s Carolina Marin at Badminton Singles FINALS in Rio Olympics will go down in history. After putting a brilliant fight, the 21 years old Indian lost 21-19, 12-21, 15-21 in a nerve wracking final. Though she has to settle for a silver, it was nothing less than a gold in the hearts of her countrymen. She has already created history by becoming the first indian woman to fight at  the Women’s Single Final in Olympics.

India’s First Female Wrestler to win an Olympic Medal

At the Olympics Sakshi Malik won her round of 32 bout against Sweden and round of 16 bout against Moldova. After losing to eventual finalist, she qualified for repechage round where she defeated Mongolia in her first bout. She won Bronze medal after a 8-5 victory over the Asian champion of Kyrgyzstan. And thus we got over wrestler with a Bronze medal.

First Female Gymnast to qualify for the Final Vault

On 10th Aug,2016 at the 2016 Olympic Test events, Dipa Karmakar became the first female Gymnast to qualify for the Final Vault event at the Olympics with a score of 14.833. She narrowly missed out in Bronze medal, finishing fourth in the final. Karmakar is the only fifth woman to land the Produnova  vault, or the handsprint double front. The Produnova is an artistic gymnastics vault consisting of a front handsprint onto the vaulting horse  and two somersaults off.
And that’s all what we feel proud of. Moreover all the sportsmen who qualified for Olympics, everyone make us feel proud.

Written by :- Oshin Malviya

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