Friday, 19 August 2016

(Prof. Debesh Choudhury-A senior IEEE member and currently with Adamas University, Kolkata)
Q1. Sir, as you know that today we are celebrating 70 years of our independence,so what according to you we have achieved so far and what yet has to be achieved?
A1. 70 years for a country is not a small time but see everything takes time to grow.There are enough possibilities but positivity has to be there. Possibilities in our country are submerged in complexities.We have to find out these complexities and get rid of them. We have to evaluate every year so as to know where we are and where we have to go. But till now the outputs are not much encouraging.On the whole,we have to work on this very critically in order to achieve more.
Q2 .How can we utilize the resources and opportunities available in our country in a better way?
A2. Opportunities may differ from person to person and from society to society .In today’s world,student’s first priority is to get a recognizable position after education and this only he thinks will open ways for more opportunities but according to me,we can find opportunities in even small things but this can happen only if we have that zeal.In order to have more opportunities in our country,we should start locally.Then only small companies will spring up,imports will be reduced and  we will  be able to grow more.
Q3. How is your experience working as a senior member of IEEE?
A3.  It is basically a society one can join in.Student members are also there.In IEEE,meetings and interactions are also held which I enjoy a lot as I like connecting with people.We exchange ideas and knowledge which I enjoy very much.This expands our knowledge and this also tells us what we know and what more we have to learn and improve.
Q4. Sir, what is the working environment like at Adamas university in Kolkata?
A4. Adamas university is a new university.It has been a college” Adamas Institute ofTtechnology” from past nine years.I have recently  joined the university.It is  a very big and beautiful campus.It has got spacious laboratories with Hi tech equipments.The working environment there is really great.
Q5 .Sir what are your views about today’s programme?
A5. The programme was really good.I enjoyed it.I love music so  for me  all the  performances were nice.
Q6. Any tagline that you would like to give to our institute?
A6 .Your institute is an IT specialized one but what I think is that IT does not only mean software.It is software incorporated with hardware and then bringing it out together as a whole system.

                          AYUSHI RASTOGI