Monday, 5 October 2015


INTERVIEWED BY :- Shagun Srivastav and Mahima Gupta
Q1.As a recruiter, what are your expectations from the students of               our institute?
Ans. Being an e-commerce company obviously we want people with  technical skills but apart from that, we want people with good learning skills and luckily this year we do have got many people and the bar has raised as compared to last year.

Q2.Did our students managed to fulfill your expectations?
Ans. Yeah, rather it was tough for us to decide and select the best out of best. The performance this year was much better than last time.

Q3.Is Info Edge searching only for technical people or both technical and managerial?
Ans. We are basically recruiting developers so at this time we are not really demanding managerial skills and in my opinion managerial skills come from experience. It will take time to inhibit managerial skills.

Q4.Can you please tell us something about your joining and career in Info Edge?
Ans. I completed my graduation in the year 2004. Before joining, I have also worked in Halasoft Technology Pvt. Ltd.,, and I have been working in for the last few years and its been a great journey.

Q5. Where do you rank our institute among all the institutes that you visited?
Ans. Besides ABV-IIITM, I have also visited MNIT-Jaipur, Banasthali Vidyapeeth, NIT-Kurukshetra and NSIT-Delhi and have found talent everywhere. I actually don’t believe in ranking. Wherever we find talented and skilled people, we take them.

Q6.Among all your websites is the most famous one. How do you manage between all your websites?
Ans. Talking about management, we have different teams for different departments. The freshers which we will recruit will be given a preliminary training and then according to their skills and interests, they will be assigned different departments. 

Q7.How do you like our campus?
Ans. I like your campus very much. This is my second visit to this campus. I especially like the greenery here. I loved the handmade bouquet which was given for welcome.

PHOTOGRAPHER & EDITOR :-  Saloni Nigam Gunjan Tripathi 

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