Saturday, 17 October 2015

Interview With Anubha Swami(HR TCS)

Reporter Arvind Rachouri & Hardik Khandelwal

Ques: -Mam, how was the hospitality in our campus?

Answer: -It 
was very nice and it was one of the best experiences to plant a tree in the campus.

Ques: -What 
is one of the most irritating things you face in an interview?

Answer: -Repetitive 
answers, practical answers which don't make genuine sense are the most irritating things I faced while taking interviews.

Ques:   How would you describe an ideal candidate?

Answer: -An ideal candidate is one who is confident and one who is able to express themselves as transparently as possible.

Ques: -TCS 
is one of the largest recruiters in the industry.What is the secret behind this?

Answer: -We 
have many new projects coming in so manpower is needed and new talent is required.

Ques: -Is 
it true that TCS gives the lowest pay?

Answer: -Besides 
salary we give our employees many employee benefits and very good retention within our company.

Ques: -Is 
coding everything?

Answer: -No, it 
isn't everything because we utilize people from different sectors.

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Photographer- Jalaj Vashney

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