Sunday, 13 September 2015

MAD – Made A Difference among IIITM

Date: September 3,2015
Organisers: Akshit Agrawal & Devansh Verma
Wow, no other introductions could strike my mind after the MAD introductory sessions. MAD – Make A Difference is an organization trying to impart education to the underprivileged. After class sessions , these events are usually a matter of reluctance for our batch mates. Though it started in a similar fashion, things turned out to  be much more different. First Mr. Nalin was introduced. He started out with, “A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.” The video narrated the really interesting experience they had when the first lady of USA had a visit to MAD. Then he explained the various initiatives MAD has undertook as an organization. Then we had brief and crisp experiences from two active members of MAD. Then they introduced their recent event: The Backathon. Here almost 1500 people are expected to walk backwards as a shot at spreading awareness on illiteracy. This is expected to break the world record. With some widely accepted invitations to the Backathon, we are sure that both the hosts and the audience went home happy. Finally, the old proverb says “Education is not a pail to be filled but a fire to be lit.” I am sure MAD is doing the above and will continue to light more of them.
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