Friday, 18 September 2015



Q) Ma’am, how does it feel to be a part of a company which is of Indian Origin, standing firmly before the foreign giants?
     A) I joined HCL only a month ago and when I entered there they gave me a great project on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and they even called foreign professors to train us in this field. So yes I feel great to be a part of such a company which focuses on emerging technologies.

Q) Will you tell us about your journey and efforts from an ordinary person to being a part of such a leading brand?
     A) Initially I started like everyone else i.e. by doing programming and all. Later on I realised that it is not just about programming, you also need to explore new technologies coming out. We should not just stick to any one language. Like if you know C, try learning JAVA, Android etc.

Q) How far do you think that the syllabus being taught in Indian colleges is sufficient?
     A) I agree that the syllabus is not just enough and that’s why I would say that you should always take part in technical fests and things like that, which I came to know are well taken care of in this institute. These things were not there in my college. They prove to very beneficial.Students can also take projects from outside to work on, this is again very helpful.

Q) Do people get a chance to explore even when they are in a job?
     A) According to me, you can explore as much as you want. When I joined, I went on learning Node JS, there a person came and told me that that’s not how you learn. It’s a research oriented job and we should know how it’s done. We should go in depth and not stick to what’s known but must think  about the different possibilities & that’s what job profile is today.

Q) Ma’am, what is more important- CGPA or Talent, as a person might be very good in coding but not so in some other subjects?
      A) Talent is of course more important but CGPA shows your overall performance. Being good in coding is just not enough. You should be sound in other subjects too like Maths which is also very important. I mean only 60% marks are enough and I don’t think it’s a great deal.

Q) How do you find our institute to be-  the campus, the students, etc?
     A) It is very nice- so clean & green and I am impressed by the technical skills of the students.

Q) Anything that you want to suggest or advice the students of IIITM?
     A) I just want say that ‘If you love what you do, you’ll be successful’.


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