Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Q) Sir, you got your degree from this institute only and now today you are here doing recruitment of the students. How does it feel?
A) I got my degree from here only in 2013. I would say that it was great to be a part of this institute which gave me the platform from where I became a part of HCL.   
Q) So according to you what are the best things here and also what are those things on which we need to work on?
A) The best thing is here we get a very good exposure to technology. The students here are technically sound. From yesterday we are doing recruitment and we found that the students have a good technical knowledge.
The things on which you need to work on are your self-confidence and communication skills because being in corporate world, you must have an optimum potential to express yourself in front of people.
Q) There are such students also who don’t know English or they are a little weak in it, so what about them?
A) Actually, I was also from state board, so the same problem was with me too but when I realised its importance, I started to work on it.
I would say that you can do simple things like when you are watching an English movie, turn the subtitles off and then try to understand and if you face problem you can again switch them on. Try speaking in front of a mirror, at first you will laugh but eventually seriousness will come. Read English novels of any author or of whichever type. These things really help.
Q) To what extent does CGPA really matter?
A) Actually, yes it matters. It’s not like you should be a 9 or 10 pointer but you must have knowledge about other subjects and other things too, then only you can be an efficient product.
Q) Do you believe ‘hire and fire rule’ of the companies is right? Does HCL also follow it?
A) No I don’t think that it’s right & HCL does not follow it. In our company it has never happened that anyone has been fired liked that only. If people leave then it is by their will like for research work etc.
Q) According to you, in what aspects do we lag behind from leading IITs?
A) As per leading IITs, they are more focussed on applied research. The work should not be done only for publishing it, you must do it with interest, thinking about their practical usages too.



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