Saturday, 18 February 2017

Interview of Prof. Hemant Anand(Ex-CEO,Vantage International)

Q.You are the visiting faulty of many institutes. So can you please share your experience and what is the advice you would like to give to our students?
A.I have been coming here since 2006 and i have seen a definite improvement here in almost every field, the campus, the brilliance level of students and I have also seen improving the ranking of this institute.  My only advice would be that they should attend their classes regularly.

Q.You were the CEO of VANTAGE could you share your experience?
A.Yes, I was Industry man ... I came to pedagogy out of choice. I find corporate world is more result oriented than academics. I'm happy with what I'm doing.

Q.But sir you regret that you have to leave corporate sector?
A.I regret only because remuneration were much higher than Academics, but somewhere one has to stop thinking of monetary benefits. It’s always good to interact with students. You learn many things from these youngsters.

Q.So Sir are you are enjoying this profession?
A.Yes, I enjoy interacting with youngsters and I learn a lot from them. Their requirements are every time different than I used to have as a youngster...they are much more brilliant than I was at their age... so interacting with them always gives me pleasure.

Q.May I know how your views changed from earlier life as compared to now?
A.See there's nothing called changing the views... you are living in a different era and I lived in a different era... your requirements are many a times different than mine. You have many facilities that weren't existing during my the pattern of living has changed.. I used to travel a lot.. i never had connecting  flights that time... you have projector in your classroom, we had that black and white OHP projector. Many Management books weren't available that time.  So you are a new generation. Your requirements are different.  So things have changed.

Q.What are your views on top managerial institutes, and what changes we should incorporate to compete with the international ones?
A.Basically an institute is made a top institute by students only; no one else has any contribution to that. The disciplinary committee,   director or faculty can only establish systems. For example some top institutes have minimum attendance required that is hundred percent, you may laugh at it  but they follow it. So these things make an institute a top institute. It is students who make or break an institute. All students are given the same input in the classroom; some endure to perform better, so it is the student’s job or students activities, which makes a institute great. Everyone wishes to go to IIM’s , everyone puts in effort to keep its name and rankings .So you also  do that , make a conscious effort , make sure you  come regularly to class . When you do that, your institute can get a good ranking, if it has a good ranking it will further go up and help students in better placements.

Q.You have done BSc in chemistry, masters in organic, but PhD in marketing. So sir what was the reason behind changing your stream.
A. First of all PhD degree increases your horizon. You have to put research in practice, and then it is a mandatory requirement, if you have to go to teaching. As a faculty you have to handle various research projects today, so if you yourself have not done it then how will you handle those projects. In our time it was like, more students from science stream will go on to do MBA.

Q.Sir we being students of information technology what advice would you like to give to us to develop our managerial skills.
A.See efficiency and effectiveness are the two parameters that differentiate management from other professions. So be efficient and effective in whatever  you do.

Q.Sir, what is the tag line that you would like to give to our institute?
A.Work hard and see the miracle.

Reported By-Vishakha Gupta & Chinmay D Rane

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