Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Interview of Mr Sameer Seth(Head Human Resources at Monndelez)

Q. First of all, how does it feel to be in our campus and how do you like the hospitality?
A. The experience is really awesome. Recently I was in the Gwalior convention part. I have been many times to this place. The campus is beautiful, the food is delicious and your director is a dynamic person and he has created a legacy so that other people follow the same.

Q. What are the attributes a person is expected if he wants to be an HR in your company?
A.First thing is be a human being as you are not going to work with machines. Apart from HR which should be your main stream, you should have good analytical skills. The third requirement is to have good communication skills. The last but not the least is innovative skills.

Q. What are your views on the demonetisation plan of Mr. Modi and what is its effect on your business?
A.It’s good for overall development when long term period is considered. No doubt, it’s affecting the business for a short term.But in future it will be of more value, will create more transparency, new financial systems like cash-less transactions will be in use.

Q. What are your tactics the fight the daily competitions you face from your rivals?
A.Tactics are very short termed solutions. There are two things one is tactic and the other is strategy. We are more focussed on making good strategies for the future. For example Samsung thinks of becoming the no. 1 company they will strategise a plan which everybody will follow for a considerable period of time. And that’s what we do. We make long term plans to improve our business as a whole and yes sometimes I use tactics to solve small, daily life obstacles.

Q. What are your future goals and where do you see your company after 10 years?
A.Innovation in products and ensuring that our products reaches to distant, rural places are two basic goals we want to achieve in the next decade. Our products are already available in metros and towns. But, places which lack electricity, we cannot serve these places. The reach is poor in villages and distant towns as our product require cooling facility. Also the spending power of the villages is poor and largely dependent on agriculture. And that’s why innovation is required for producing cheaper products. Moreover a good infra structure is required to reach the bottom of the pyramids that is the villages.

Q. In the January we are organising a fest called Mind over Matter (MOM). We have chosen the theme “Technology for Clean India”. Share your views on this theme?
A.In India there is only one problem with the people that they are not self disciplined. In my opinion, self discipline is the solution to many problems. We blame our government for not cleaning India. At home you need your mother to keep the house clean and in society you need someone else why. If everybody starts taking initiative of cleaning themselves, their house and their locality whole India can be kept clean. I think it’s a wonderful theme and you should create awareness of being self-disciplined.

Reported by-Rishabh Patel & Chinmay D Rane
Photographer-Shubham Bhattacharya

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