Friday, 7 October 2016

             Uri Attack and Surgical Strikes

Uri is a small town located near the Jhelum river in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir.On the tragic day of 18th Semptember at around 5:30 am 4 militants  attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri.The crossfire continued for 6 hours wherein  all the four terrorists   were decimated  but which resulted in heavy casualties for the Indian Army as well. 17 army personnel of ours were martyred  and around 19-30 soldiers have been reported to be injured.This attack came at a time when Jammu and Kashmir is already reeling under social unrest and there are daily clashes between the police and the people.These protests too, have been spurred on by the radicalization of the people,primarily the youth,by the militant groups active in Jammu and Kashmir.
The Uri attack  was widely condemned all over the globe,with the Ministry of External Affairs boycotting the SAARC summit that was to be held in Islamabad,Pakistan.Showing solidarity,Afghanistan,Bhutan and Bangladesh withdrew from the summit as well. Pakistan predictably denied any involvement despite the various proofs that corroborated the fact that the militants had been of Pakistani origin.From the 26/11 Mumbai attacks to the recent Pathankot attack Pakistan continues to turn a blind eye towards the rising terrorist activities  perpetrated towards India ,by the militant outfits growing on its soil.The Peshawar school attack appears to have done nothing to change our neighbours attitude,either.Merely stating that they are against war, everytime such incidents occur, is not the solution.Such a lackadaisical approach indicates that in all probability the Pakistani government itself is hands in glove  with the terrorist groups and thus cannot be relied upon.Despite receiving flak from all parts of the world it continues to hold fort and has counter accused India of financing terrorism in Pakistan.Perhaps Indias continuous efforts to resolve all issues peacefully have convinced the country’s  government that we cannot take matters into our own hands.
This misconception must have been cleared when the Indian government organized a covert operation against the militants in Pakistan.A surgical strike,the first of its kind,was carried out in the wee hours of 29th September on terror launch pads along the LOC . Intelligence Bureau records, one released on September 30 for a scheduled inter-agency meeting in New Delhi, spoke  of a  major build-up, saying up to 40 jihadists had massed in Kél, facing India’s Machil sector. This unusual number was interpreted to be a preparation for a last-ditch infiltration push before the passes closed in early winter. This operation was in response to the terrorist strikes on Indian soil.The number of casualties on either side is still unclear due to the secrecy shrouding the operation .Initially, Pakistan persistently claimed that the predawn strikes never happened but after eye witness accounts and the surfacing of the  video footage of the strike they reluctantly admitted to the occurrence. The Indian Army was lauded for its bravery and dedication throughout the country. This manoueuvre has the benefit of indicating to the terrorist groups that they are not impregnable by the Indian Army, just because they are on another soil.
The news of the surgical strikes led to some quibbling between the incumbent  government and the opposition,which was to be expected ,given our country’s usual political scenario.  Shri Narendra Modi,our Prime Minister,declared that India will now start working towards globally isolating Pakistan and would continue to push to make it a pariah state.This  seems to have rattled the Nawaz Sharif government  and information resources state that a top secret meeting was held wherein the Pak army was ordered to take visible action against the terrorist groups.Terrorists have no nationality and no religion,they are a threat to humanity and must be eliminated and this can only happen when all countries work together and strive for the same.

-Ritika Agarwal(IPG-2016085)

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