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Interview with Prof. S.C Dutta Roy

Prof  Dutta Roy is well known for his immense contribution to Teaching ,research and Extension.He is distinguished INSA scientist and researcher. His lecture on NPTEL and other open media are very popular.
Prof Dutta Roy is a Fellow of IEEE, Indian Academy of sciences, Bangalore,Indian National Academy of Engineering,National Academy of Sciences(India),Allahabad.He is a Distinguished Fellow of the IETE. His other honours and awards include the SS Bhatnagar Award ,Vikram Sarabhai Award,OP Bhasin Foundation Award, Distinguished Alumnus Award of the Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, Calcutta University, and the UGC National Lectureship.
He has been mentor to generation of teachers and researchers  

                                                            THE INTERVIEW

Q. Sir, How did you feel today at the independence day celebrations in our institute today?
Ans. I felt very elated.I really liked the way you celebrated it because it is different from the way that other institutions celebrate it. Over here the whole faculty was present and many other programs like blood donation camp and many performances by the students were held. Moreover, I really loved the campus.

Q. How does the environment differ in IITs and IIITs?
Ans. Before coming here, I have seen the degrees of the faculties here and they are all very highly qualified with Ph.Ds. The faculty is very knowledgeable and good. However, I do not understand why the environment of IITs cannot be produced in the IIITs. But two things were distinctively clear: In the IITs any professor could be contacted at any time, even at two in the morning. And you can approach anyone with doubts. The professors in IIT don't say anything about another faculty even though there is good competition between them.

Q. It is known that JEE is the hardest engineering entrance exam in the world, but it is also heard that the students who graduate from universities like Stanford, Harvard and MIT are much more advanced than those who graduate from IITs. What is your opinion about this statement? Do you agree with it?
Ans.  I do not agree with this statement. It is true that they publish many research papers and other books but to publish something, there need not be any definite 
Matter in it. Anything could get published. The thing that matters is the hard work that students put into their study and the facilities that the institute has to offer like infrastructure and professors.

Q. How should the teacher student relation be during a class? 
Ans. A type of love and affection should be given to students by teacher for their success however nothing shall be expected back from them. Also open discussions should be held in class as we learn much from the frank opinions of others.

Q. How should students of the present day be?
Ans. The students shall be well away from corruption, as it is one of the major problems that India is facing today. Students should also be exposed to all types of things in the society and understand how it is and how to develop in such a fast growing and advancing society.

Team of This Interview 

  • Ayush Sidana
  • Shubham Maurya 


  • Saloni
  • Priya Yadav
  • Kalakonda Shivakruthi

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